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Review: ‘The Lessons’ by Elizabeth Brown

3.5 “Plans and To-Do Lists” Stars!

 photo The Lessons - Elizabeth Brown_zpsfuhxuvul.png

I decided to read The Lessons after recieving the ARC of the second book of the series it belongs to (The Rules) and also because it was already on my TBR list (actually, I believe put it there after reading The Sex Surrogate by Jessica Gadziala! lol). I was a little bit worried because of the mixed reviews and well.. obviously I have to agree with some of my friends that this was a little bit disappointing.

The Lessons is the first stand-alone book in Elizabeth Brown’s Off Limits series and it is the story of Natalie Reese (a thirty year old virgin that decides to move to San Francisco after finding a sex surrogate and therapist to get rid of her virginity) and Ryan Daniels (said doctor who happens to be a super hot and tattoed man, with a misterious and fucked-up past and who also finds himself attracted to Natalie from their first meeting).

Natalie was such a puzzle to me. Course and rough one moment, with a tomboyish sass, and then innocent and unsure the next. It was confusing as hell but my dick seemed to like it.

Let’s start with what I enjoyed about this novel. My likings are all related to the same thing: Elizabeth’s writing. It is very easy to follow and the story is very well-written. I really enjoyed her funny scenes and also, obviously, the sex scenes. They were really hot!

Dammit, his common sense and good-lookingness were so frustrating. Why’d he have to be so golden and delicious? Like a fucking Nilla wafer.
My own personal Nilla wafer.

“I like this dress, Natalie.”
“Should I keep it on?” I asked innocently.
He leaned into my ear, and whispered gruffly. “Not a chance.”

However, what frustrated me about The Lessons were actually the characters, especially Natalie. I did not feel a connection with them and also I did not feel the connection between them (not until the end of the book). This was not very emotional and I need that: I need to feel everything while reading. Moreover, Natalie got on my nerves several times: she is kind of annoying really. She is so obssessed about her ‘condition’ and everything revolves around it. I did not feel the love because of that! It started really good with their first meeting but after that.. not my cup of tea.

“I thought we were over.”
“Babe, we haven’t even started yet.”

Therefore, and unfortunately, my rating for The Lessons is 3.5 STARS. As I said, the plot and the writing was good but I think the connection with the characters is really important too. I really hope the second installment will be better (I will start reading it now!) and it actually looks good after knowing a little bit about Ainsley and Lambo in this book. And, I know some of my friends actually enjoyed this novel so check it out if you want to! 🙂


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