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ARC Review: ‘The Rules’ by Elizabeth Brown

4.5 “Lam and His Numbers” Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank God I decided to continue reading this series, thank God! Yesterday I was left with bittersweet feelings because I did not enjoy The Lessons as much as I expected. But! I continued with the second book because I recieved the ARC and also because I was kind of curious about the characters of this story. And it was a great choice!

The Rules is the second installment in the Off Limits series by Elizabeth Brown and it tells the story of two characters that we already met in the first book because they are both related to its hero (Ryan Andrews). These are Lambo Christie (Ryan’s best friend, super wealthy and hot playboy and the heroine’s crush since she was sixteen) and Ainsley Andrews (Ryan’s off limits sister, a girl who still suffers the consequences of a difficult childhood and now a woman who finds herself, again, atracted to Lam’s charms).

“You’re going to be my personal project, Ainsley Andrews.”
“Is that so?”
“You just can’t stand the fact that you weren’t able to seal the deal, can you?”
“Something like that,” he murmured.

As with The Lessons I have no complains on Elizabeth’s writing: I love it and it flows greatly with the story. Also, this novel gave me what I missed in the other story: connection with the characters. At first I was afraid because I felt that Ainsley would be like Natalie (the heroine of The Lessons) but she is not! She is definitely different and complex, she suffers from bipolar depression and well it’s completely understandable after knowing what happened with her parents, especially her father. I loved how she overcomes that, how she deals with it and also how she still is able to make fun of it. Obviously, this book does not disappoint in the funny department. There are so many laughable scenes (thank you Ains, Lam and Winnie! LOL)!!

“I don’t know if that makes sense, Win.”
“It’s science.”
“Not quite.”
“E equals come see my vagina squared.”
I pressed my lips together and shook my head. “That’s not a thing, Win.”
“Pi equals three points for 69,”
“Are you sure you graduated from high school?”

“Ainsley. My cock’s had enough play dates. It likes you. It doesn’t want you playing around with other…cocks.”
“You really are nuts, aren’t you?”
“Don’t make Little Lam feel bad, Ains,”

I was literally laughing out loud! Winnie and Lam are crazy funny, loved them! And related to that, let me talk about my favourite thing about this book and that is Lambo Christie. While reading this and especially towards the ending (when he discovered the whole truth about Ains) Lam became the sweetest, hottest and most amazing hero. He starts feeling so much for Ainsley and he does not want to keep their relationship a secret anymore. That’s the only thing that frustrated me about the heroine, she was so afraid to tell people about them, especially Ryan! Come on, Ains! However, going back to Lam, can I just repeat that I loved him? He is such a hottie (the sex scenes, holy shit!) and THAT LAST CHAPTER! OMG, the whole thing with the video.. it freaking got me! That was the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever!

“You keep saying you’re fucked up, but what you aren’t hearing is that I don’t care. All I want is you. All of you. Only you.” He rested his forehead against mine. “I love you, Ainsley Andrews.”
I swallowed.
“I love you, too.”

“Ains, I’m here because I care about you. I’m here because I haven’t seen you in days. And now that I know you are not okay, I’m not leaving you alone. Do you understand me? I’m never going to leave.”

So I am so happy to say that I really enjoyed this story. Therefore, my rating for The Rules is 4.5 STARS because I loved the characters and their chemistry, the writing and the super hot and funny scenes and also the ending! I cannot wait for the next story! If you read The Lessons and you want a better version (in my opinion) with very likeable characters, please check out this novel I totally recommend it!


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