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ARC Review: ‘Wild Aces’ by Marni Mann

4.5 ‘No Masks’ Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Wild Aces - Marni Mann_zps9e4fgnjm.png

I have seen many of my GR friends raving about this book and this author, so I was excited when I recieved the ARC the day of its publication! I have never read anything by Marni Mann but now I can say that Wild Aces will not be my last book from hers, for sure. This was amazing!!

Wild Aces is stand-alone novel written by said author but it can be considered a spin-off of Mann’s Timber Towers series because it feautures the main characters in there too. So, maybe it’s better if you read that series before this one (I would have loved not having any spoilers about Frankie and Derek and you have some in Wild Aces). However, that is just my opinion about that. You can totally read this novel without reading the said previously.

Now, this book tells the story of Trapper Montgomery (a hot, tattoed man, with an abusive past and a quite misterious present) and Brea Bradley (Frankie’s best friend, a woman who has suffered the lost of a loved one and finds herself very attracted to Trapper’s darkness and hotness, of course!).

She had curves to grasp, perfectly sized tits to get lost in. A body that I needed to worship. Lips that would fit perfectly around my cock as I slid it toward the back of her throat. But her eyes were what drew me in the most. They’d seen a hell of a lot of pain. She’d seen even more of it when she’d shown me her tattoo. Wherever she had gone—a flashback, a memory—I had been to that place. And when I looked into her eyes, it was like looking into my own.

I really enjoyed this novel. Trapper and Brea are amazing, complex characters who have gone trough some pretty shitty stuff, especially Trapper. I was heartbroken since I started reading, he has suffered so much, poor thing. Still, he has become a great man (even a hero, according to Brea: and I agree!). Brea is also kick-ass and what I enjoyed the most about her (apart from the love story) is her friendship with Frankie (I really want to read her story now!!!), they are super funny and they have an amazing trusting relation. Most of the secondary characters in the book are great, I enjoyed their interactions with the main charaters a lot.

We were all fucked up in our own way, all victims of some kind of tragedy, all trying to make it out alive in a world that got darker by the day.

However, what I loved the most about Wild Aces is the love story, obviously! Trapper and Brea meet in a mask party and the sparks are instant. These two have amazing chemistry in every freaking thing: THAT FIRST KISS, holy cow!! And the sex scenes are sexy as hell, Trapper is freaking good dirty talker! And always able to give Brea whatever she wants 😉

“Trapper…your tongue. It’s fucking wicked.”
He looked up at me from between my legs, his eyes ravenous, his lips wet from me. “You want more of it?”

He is wicked, indeed! And Wild Aces, as a whole, is an amazing novel. It gives you a roller coaster of emotions and you find yourself laughing, crying, melting and everything else in between! Loved it! However, the only thing that maybe I wanted is to have more moments of the couple together because they are THAT good together!

In my own darkness, there were no voices. No memories. Nothing at all tugging at me, except for him and his beautiful scars.

Therefore, my rating for Wild Aces is 4.5 STARS because I really loved this story and I wanted more of these two fantastic characters together and the people around them. Loved the story and the chemistry and I cannot wait to chech out more books by Marni Mann, especially Frankie and Derek’s story which I am sure I will read pretty soon! So, what can I say, I totally recommend this!!



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