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Review: ‘Guarding His Obsession’ by Alexa Riley

4 ‘Cupcake’ Stars!


I know this released a few weeks ago but I was reading other stuff and I couldn’t find time to read this but.. again, Alexa Riley does not disappoint me with her short smutty books!

Guarding His Obsession is the story of Zoe Lewis (a computer geek, a super-funny and innocent woman who is being stalked) and Drake Hart (the sexy owner of the security company that is now protecting Zoey from said stalker and a man who is atracted to Zoey since the first moment he saw her picture).

For some reason, just looking at her picture made me feel protective of her. The thought of anything happening to her made my blood run cold.

I have to say that my fave from Riley is still Mechanic. Of course, this was cute and with an insta-love and I have no problem with that because that is what Alexa Riley always delivers 😉 Drake and Zoey have good chemistry, not great but they are super-hot and funny together!

I’m taking what she’s giving me. Was it quick? Fuck yeah, but I don’t care. We’ll have the rest of our lives to sink into each other, and I just fucking know, gut instinct, that she’s meant to be mine.

“I don’t know what’s normal and if everyone likes what we like. But I know that there’s nothing about you that I don’t want to taste or love. And hearing you say that you like me inside you makes me want to fuck you all over again.”

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in Guarding His Obsession: Zoey’s sister Elle and her bodyguard Pink. They do have a very sweet-funny relationship lol And it was great to have a little bit more of them at the end together with Drake and Zoey’s HEA!

“She never complies that easy with me,” I hear Elle huff.
“Come home with me and I’ll comply with anything you want.”
“You’re disgusting.”
“You still wet from that kiss?”

Pink! lol He is such a caveman, but I love it!

So, my rating for Guarding His Obsession is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed this story even though I have to say it’s not my favourite from Alexa Riley. But, if you have read this or anything by her please check her out if you want a quick fix of cuteness and sexy times! I totally recommend it!



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