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Review: ‘Midnight Lily’ by Mia Sheridan

4.5 ‘Where do you fly, Lily?’ Stars!

BR with my dear Shhluts, Anna and Ebru 🙂

 photo Midnight Lily - Mia Sheridan_zpsdlmazgaw.png

Mia Sheridan has an amazing talent: she surprises her readers every-freaking-time. When Anna, Ebru and I decided to read this book together, I was not expecting what happened (I believe no one expected it! lol) but even with that, this was a great read. Now, I don’t know how this review will come out because it’s very difficult to explain without spoilers but I will try!

Midnight Lily is a stand-alone novel that belongs to Mia Sheridan’s A Sign of Love series and it tells the story of two damaged souls who find each other in the darkness and together, even though the difficult situations in between, they are able to find the light when they fall in love.

I dreamed of her, and in the darkness, she held me in her arms. In the darkness, she whispered that I was strong enough to hold on, that I was worthy of the love she’d given, and she reminded me who I was before I was anyone at all.
My Lily of the Night. Only of the moon.

Midnight Lily is not the typical love story, Sheridan’s readers know that already because Mia’s novels are not exactly conventional. Lily and Holden are both suffering so much at the beginning, Holden struggling with lost (and addiction to painkillers) and Lily because of loneliness. When they meet is like they see the light coming from the darkness and as time passes by and they fall in love, they get better.

I barely know you, Lily, but I already like you. And somehow, I feel like I need you.

“There’s always someone society chooses not to see. There’s always someone who is invisible through no fault of their own.”

What I enjoyed most about this novel is, obviously, the love story and how different it is from what we have seen of Mia Sheridan. There is always this incertitude around both main characters that keeps the reader completely focused on the story. There are twists that you definitely do not expect. And there is, of couse, a fantastic chemistry between the couple. Mia’s characters are complex and so amazing, she gets me everytime!

“You’re perfect,” I told her. There wasn’t another man on the planet who had gazed upon her like this. Only me. “My Lily, my ghost,” I smiled, “my dream. Only mine.”

“Happily ever after doesn’t mean a lifetime of perfection. I don’t think anyone believes that happily ever after means there are no unhappy days, even unhappy years. It means loving forever, despite all the many reasons it’s easier not to.”

I understand people who maybe did not enjoy Midnight Lily as much as other books by Mia but this is her outstanding writing skills together with a magical and different love story. I really enjoyed this novel and even though I was not expecting everything that happened, this was a great read. It definitely will stay with me forever.

“I love you, Boy Scout,” she whispered.
“I love you, Lily of the Night. I love you so much.” I let go of her hands and reached up to hold her face, her beautiful face. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her. “I’m going to love you forever,” I murmured between kisses. “Forever. In the darkness, or in the light.”

“She walks in beauty, like the night,” he whispered. My fingers slowed and I smiled. “Of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that’s best of dark and bright.”

Therefore, my rating for Midnight Lily is 4.5 STARS because this was an amazing love story that will stay forever with me for the unconventional aspects in it, for Mia’s great writing skills and the complexity of her characters. If you want to read a different love story with still Mia’s touches in it, please check this one out! 🙂



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