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Review: ‘Curvy’ by Alexa Riley

5 ‘Picture Obsession’ Stars!

 photo Curvy - Alexa Riley_zpsupijqnyx.png

After the roller coaster that was Mia Sheridan’s new novel I wanted something light, short and hot to entertain myself. And who is the best at the smutt? Of course, Alexa Riley!

Curvy is a stand-alone quickie that tells the story of Flynn Long (a wealthy hot workaholic that finds himself feeling super-protective and atracted to the curvy woman in the photo for his new ‘campaign’) and Cali Carr (a woman who loves her curves, who wants to change the standards and who also feels deeply connected to the man who orders her behind the scenes of a photoshoot).

I think every size is beautiful. Every woman is a real woman: tall, short, thin, and big. Beauty comes in different shapes. I’d just prefer it if the sexy stuff came in my size more often.

“He will not be seeing my Cali in her underwear,” I bite out, trying to stay cool, but not caring that I’m giving myself up about wanting Cali.
“He’s gay, sir.”
“He won’t be when he sees her.”

I loved Cali and Flynn! You all know, Alexa’s readers, that she provides with fantastic short stories about insta-love full of hotness and cheesiness. Well, Curvy is all about that too! I really enjoyed this story, I think it’s my favourite after Mechanic. I loved how Cali is not afraid of showing her curves, I loved Flynn’s alpha mode and the amazing chemistry they have.

Pulling away, I look down at her soft green eyes and stroke her cheek. “My God, you are beautiful.”
“What are we doing?” She smiles up at me, touching my face just as gently as we hold one another.
“Falling in love.”

I want her to cum all over me. My mouth, my cock, I don’t care. I just want her pleasure on me. I want to wear it like a badge of honor so that everyone knows I’m claimed by her.

I don’t have anything else to say, really! I am sure that if you enjoy Alexa’s smutt stories, you will enjoy this one too! Especially if you are a crazy romantic like me who loves the over-the-top chessy stuff from time to time.

“Nothing in my life has ever been as amazing as what we just shared. Nothing. You’re different.”
“How do you know?” she asks, and I can see the pleading in her eyes.
“Because I didn’t exist until the day I saw you.”

This is crazy-fast and out of nowhere, but life is all about living in the love. And I intend on doing that with Cali by my side.
Or under me.
Or on top of me.

Therefore, my rating for Curvy is 5 STARS because I enjoyed every single word in this short story and the chemistry between the main characters! Alexa Riley always delivers on that 😉 So, if you enjoy her quickies or you want somenthing short but hot to read, please check this one out!



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