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Review: ‘Legend’ by Katy Evans

5+ ‘Lucky penny’ Stars!

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I still can believe this novel is the last one in this amazing series. It feels like yesterday that we meet and fell in love with Remy! Maybe that’s why I waited a little bit to read this, because I wasn’t prepared.. But, what a wonderful journey this book was!

Legend is the sixth and last installment in the Real series by the author Katy Evans and it tells the story of Maverick ‘The Avenger’ Cage (a new fighter in the Underground who is not accepted for being what he is, he wants to fight and to win and he finds the force to become a legend when he meets the heroine) and Reese Dumas (the cousin of Remy’s wife Brooke, a young woman who needs a purpose after suffering an unexpected event and who finally becomes who she wants to be when she falls in love with Maverick).

His gaze feels so probing all of a sudden; he looks at me as if he’s been waiting for me for a long time. I feel like I too have been waiting for him for a long time.

Why he’s a stranger and feels so familiar too? Why he makes me so aware? Of him? And me, my body? My heartbeat, my breath, my… sex! He hijacks everything.

There is nothing I did not like about this book. I loved everything in Legend! It is an amazing love story of two young people who have suffered quite a lot and when they meet each other the sparks cannot be stopped. I loved Maverick and Reese. I loved Maverick’s strong will, how he works hard to get what he wants: to demonstrate he is a legend. I loved his relationship with Oz and his strange friendship with Remy. Katy did so well with that, transforming Remy into Maverick’s mentor. I am in love with this author’s characters!

“I can relate with the monsters inside. Mine’s in my head. Yours is in your blood. Don’t let it win.”

Guess I’m not emotionally stunted after all. Guess it just takes a second to realize what stares you in the face, slamming you like a punch in the gut.
She wanted a friend in me. I’ll be her friend, but I want so much more.
“You see her,” I whisper to Oz, and he frowns and nods. “That’s her. That’s my girl.”

Obviously, what I loved the most was the love story. The building of Maverick and Reese’s relationship is incredible. It’s like they find each other in the dark and come back together in the light. They are both such strong characters and when they are together it gets even better! The chemistry is off-the-charts amazing and super-hot! OH MY GOD, the sexual tension! And the sex scenes! So freaking hot.

I feel drunk. I’m a puddle in his arms.
His lips curl a little when I can’t move, and he takes my wrists to wrap them around his neck. “You don’t dance, Reese?” he teases me huskily. “You put one hand here”—he settles it on the back of his neck—“the other one here”—he settles that one on the back of his neck too. “You let me pull you close.” He does. Until our bodies are flush and I can feel him and I’m alive. And he whispers in my ear, “And you move with me.”

“I love you hard.”
“Mmm. How hard?”
“This. Hard.” Driving deeper. Faster.

I loved that dancing scene!! I could not get enought of these two.. They are so perfect together! And also, I really enjoyed having moments with the other characters like Racer who is like the cutest little boy, Remy and Brooke (Remy will forever be one of my faves and these two are still so good together!) and Oz as well (he is Mav’s trainer and he has a great friendship with him). But still, of course, the best part in Legend is Maverick: I want him for my birthday! Such an amazing character.

“You’re a shot of pure fucking heaven in my veins.”

Therefore, my rating for Legend is my special 6 STARS because this novel totally deserves it! It was an amazing book and a fantastic way to finish the Real series. It really is a bittersweet feeling to end a series that you enjoyed a lot! I will miss these characters! But I am sure Katy Evans will give us many other ones. So, if you have read this series or if you haven’t please do it, you will not regret it! I highly highly recommend 🙂


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