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ARC Review: ‘Risking It All’ by Christi Barth

2 ‘Risks and Fears’ Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


This will be short. I requested this book on Netgalley because the publisher send me an email telling me I would enjoy this story if I was a fan of Lauren Layne. Well, most of you know I adore Lauren’s writing and her characters but (unfortunately) this was not the case.

Risking It All is the first installment in Christi Barth’s Naked Men series and it tells the story of Griffin Montgomery (a cocky man who always wants to save people after helping his friends in a difficult situation when they were teenagers and that writes a blog about all-things-men with said friends) and Chloe Widmore (a guarded innocent woman who writes letters for living who takes a risk when she meets and falls in love with the hero).

“Ready to save some lives?”
“Semper Paratus!”

“Why does a hot pilot want to buy me coffee?”
“You’re pretty.” […] “And I’m bored.”
“Aren’t you just the sweet talker?”

I am sorry to say this was not my cup of tea, AT ALL. My 2 stars rating is because I give one start to Christi’s writing (her style is good and fluid) and the other star because the ending was a little bit better than the other parts of the book (the main characters finally behave as mature adults).

However, besides that, I really did not enjoy Risking It All. Why? Well, because I did not connect with the characters and I did not feel the love (or any other emotion, really). Both Griff and Chloe got on my nerves. They are so annoying, trying to be funny without accomplishing it and crazy-childish throughout the whole book. I mean, Griff’s reaction to Chloe’s virginity? And how she almost instantly forgives him? How he uses this information? How she accepts the comments about it from his friends? Griffin’s poor opinion on Chloe’s profession? I could go on and on.

“You’re a virgin?” […] “Don’t joke around, Chloe. This is a lot to put on a guy.” […] “It’s a complication.”

It just didn’t make any sense. He didn’t want to insult her. He simply wanted Chloe to face reality. “Why would the CIA recruit a letter writer?”

Seriously? Seriously, Griffin? Arrrrrrg. Moreover, the is zero chemistry between the couple. I did not feel anything until the last pages of the novel. And if you don’t connect with the characters, you cannot enjoy the book. That’s it. I did not like the couple, I did not like his friends and I did not like her best friend. Everyone is so-freaking-immature. Sorry but I could not deal with it.

“Bad luck, G-man. Virgins are extra work. Takes all the fun out of it.”

Yeah, you did just read what you think you read. I am really disappointed on these characters and I really need to find a good book now because I was so happy after my last read (before this one) and now I am really pissed off. It just sweetened a bit with the ending, but I could not forget the rest.

“Being loved is both the ultimate safety and the ultimate risk.”

Therefore, sadly, my rating for Risking It All is 2 STARS. I think I do not need to mention anything else. Just one thing, I know some people have enjoyed this book more than me so, as I always say, check out other reviews and maybe you will want to check this out. I will definitely not continue this series but perhaps some of you might enjoy this one more than I did!


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