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Review: ‘HardBall’ by C. D. Reiss

4 ‘Apple Dash’ Stars!

 photo HardBall - C. D. Reiss_zpsdlvmgyvr.png

I have been waiting for C. D. Reiss’s new book since she announced it. I am a big fan of her Songs of Submission series and I knew this would be a little bit different from her other works but still, she created a fantastic sports-romance novel!

HardBall is a stand-alone book and it tells the story of Dashiel ‘Dash’ Wallace (a misterious but very famous baseball player who is known for his skills in the field and in the bedroom) and Vivian Foster (a normal woman working as a librarian that changes everything for Dash when she appears in his life).

Here’s the thing about Dashiell Wallace: he was physically perfect. Six two and a half. Proportioned by DaVinci and sculpted by Michelangelo.

The first thing I imagined was pinning her under me, holding her hands over her head, immobilizing her while she came.

I really enjoyed this theme change in Reiss’s work. I always enjoy sports romance and this was no exception. I loved the story behind both main characters, their chemistry and the relationships they have with people around them. Vivian is a sassy but shy heroine, she has a great relationship with her father and Dash is different from any other hero I have read. He is a kinky, kind of sweet and flawed man that stole my heart!

She was in my invigorated muscles and the ache in my arms, and the harder I pushed, the harder she did.

Obviously, Dash and Vivian have crazy chemistry and they give us many hot, funny, adorable and even sad-angsty moments! They have a very especial relationship and they really grew on me. Who wouldn’t with those amazing sex scenes? 😉

Dash Wallace, who could leap ten feet for a line drive and hit anything thrown at him, who was a mysterious and graceful figure in a billion-dollar sport, had given me the orgasm of my life.
“Your body is nectar to me. Taste it.”

“I can’t decide how to fuck you,” he said. “I want to take you in every position. I want to fuck you like an animal and a saint.”

“Today. Now. You’re mine, you beautiful thing. No one else is going to have you.”

Oh, did I mention Dash is a fan of Shakespeare? He is very romantic and very poetic with that! I loved his sugary poems and the discussions the couple has about books (I want a boyfriend like that! Especially if the arguments finish in the sexy way they do in this novel lol). Vivian and Dash are both book lovers and that made me so happy!

I can’t wait to get my mouth on your cunt tonight.
Is that from Hamlet?
Shakespeare didn’t have enough words to describe how delicious you are.

There was only one thing that, in the beginning, I did not get a kick out of: the writing. I love C. D. Reiss but it took a little of time for me to get used to the writing style in HardBall. It’s very different, especially when you are reading Dash’s POV and it changes constantly. However, I totally understand why she did that, it was really well done and I adapted to it. She is a fabulous writer!

I was a small man in a big world I didn’t understand. A fool and a fraud. A gambler whose luck had run out. I was a meaningless ball of thoughts and fears with no control over the way my life unfurled.
But with her, I wasn’t afraid.

Therefore, my rating for HardBall is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed this different and super-sexy love story and the incredible characters that Reiss has created, especially Dash Wallace. If you have or have not read anything by hers, I recommend you check out this book, especially if you are a sports fan!



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