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ARC Review: ‘Falling Completely’ by Aidan Willows

4.5 ‘Love in Public’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Falling Completely - Aidan Willows_zpsvovlayta.png

I want to start this review by saying that I am so happy I have read this! Aidan contacted me a few weeks ago asking me for an honest review on her debut novel and I was all over it after reading the blurb! It has taken a while because I had other books I wanted to read too but I am really glad I finally checked this one out.

Falling Completely is the first installment in Willows’ Starling Falls series and it introduces two Londoner sisters who are starting a new life in Starling Falls by runing their grandaunt’s bakery and the crazy-funny Jameson family that is composed of six siblings and their aunt and uncle (who are more like their parents). This novel is the story of Maliya ‘Liya’ Abbott (the older sister, a nurse and a woman unsure about this whole ‘moving to SF’ situation) and Caleb Jameson (the second oldest brother in the Jameson clan, a firefighter and the man who is able to convince Liya to give a new chance to love and life).

They were an endearing family; it was hard to be around them and to not be charmed by all of them.

“At least the angels here are pretty. And smell like vanilla. I like vanilla.” he slurred incoherently.
“Listen, Sir. I’m not an angel, I’m just a nurse.”
“Mmmm. I like you calling me Sir, Angel. It’s kinky.”

Liya and Caleb meet in a very curious and different circumstance (Caleb just got hit by a car, he thinks he has died and Liya is an angel who he really wants to kiss) and there it starts a wonderful, sweet, sexy and hilarious love story. Falling Completely had me laughing out loud, crying, swooning and anything else in between and I LOVE THAT!

It is one of those books that makes you fall in love instantly with the characters, especially if you enjoy the family’s involvement: the Jamesons, the Abbott sisters, Aunt Trudy and all the other secondary characters already have a special place in my heart. I love their over-the-top reactions, the familiarity, the hysterical interactions and how much they love each other!

“Imagine what your life would be if you were all alone.”
“Well, I would still probably be in my pyjamas right now, binge watching episodes of Sherlock with my two favourite guys.”
“You do realise Ben and Jerry are not actually your friends, right?

“I’ll sort it, Aunt Deb.” I reassured her.
“I know you will, honey. I want her to come round for dinner too. And after you both get married, I expect your first child to be named after me.”
I sighed loudly as I ran a hand over my tired face. I realised that once this girl met my insane family members, I’d be lucky if she didn’t go screaming and running for the hills.

I just found this so freaking funny! Sometimes something OTT works and Falling Completely was one of those times for me! It’s like a light, comical, erotic, familiar mixture that I don’t know why but Aidan practically nailed it. Besides that, the love story between Caleb and Liya is really sweet and hot! Caleb is super-hot, a dirty talker and a man who fights for what he wants (especially after he discovers some insecurities Liya has). I loved these two together!

“I don’t mind a chase, baby. Whether it’s a sprint or a marathon makes no difference to me. I’ll reach the finish line eventually. I don’t know what you’re running from, but I don’t give up easy. I’ll be seeing you soon.” he said with another wink and planted a firm, brief, kiss on my mouth.

From the dim light on the street lamp, I saw him extract his fingers from my pussy and bring to his mouth, licking them clean.
“Oh, God.” I whispered at the erotic sight.
“You taste like the sweetest vanilla and honey, Angel.” he growled in my ear “I can’t wait to enjoy all that honey straight from the source.”

“You’re a dream, Maliya Abbott. A dream I want to keep having every damn night.”

Yes, it’s one of those times I use too many quotes 😉 However, if I have to say something that can be further improved is the writing. Aidan’s style is quite fluent and together with everything else it works well but several times I found some grammar mistakes. They are not real bad but I think these errors can be easily solved either by re-reading the book or by the beta readers. Aside from that aspect, Falling Completely really worked for me!

If you’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with finding someone who loves you, don’t be afraid to accept that love, even if it comes with the chance of being hurt. Make sure when you find your happiness, you don’t take it for granted or let it slip away. Take a chance and allow yourself the happiness you deserve.

Therefore, my rating for Falling Completely is 4.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this love story and especially the familiarity between all the characters. I believe it’s really important to have a great family involved and this was totally the case! Thank you Aidan for the copy and for being so sweet! I really cannot wait for the next book and all the other stories that I hope you will give us on these fabulous characters 😀 Also, to readers, please check it out if you want something light, without too many drama and with a great bunch of loveable characters: I highly recommend this!



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