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ARC Review: ‘Unsocial’ by Nicole Dykes

(Almost) 4 ‘Blurring the Lines’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Unsocial - Nicole Dykes_zpsvyiqex0p.png

A week or so ago, Nicole contacted me through Facebook and asked if I could give a honest review of her new stand-alone novel. I already had Unsocial on my TBR list so I was pretty excited to start this one! Let’s see what I experienced with this book!

As I mentioned, Unsocial is a stand-alone novel written by Nicole Dykes and it tells the story of Dylan Monroe (a wealthy playboy, owner of a very successful car company and a man who has lost his parents and now has to take care of his siblings) and Brooke Porter (the Monroe’s social worker, a woman who finally has her dream job which now is in ‘danger’ because she is very attracted to the oldest Monroe brother).

I just want her, and I can’t come up with a good argument why I should stop wanting her.

I want Dylan Monroe more than I’ve wanted any man I’ve ever seen, and he’s completely off limits. My thoughts are torture. Seeing him is torture. But I must be a masochist because I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.

This started with a good and different plot. It’s my first time reading a ‘taboo’ story between a social worker and her first case and I really enjoyed that. And my favourite aspects about Unsocial were the scenes with the whole Monroe family (so sweet!) and the chemistry between Brooke and Dylan. They cannot stop themselves from wanting each other and they have super-hot times when they are together!

There’s no way to stop the three steps it takes me to close all the space between us. She has nowhere to back up to except the hood of the car, and I just keep pushing forward until her back is lying across it.
“I’m gonna fuck you on this car,” I say with determination.

“Do you know how much you mean to me?”
She shakes her head, and our lips buff slightly together as she speaks, “No.”
“Everything,” I whisper.

I really enjoyed how the relationships are developed, especially the one with Dylan and his siblings and also his love story with Brooke. However, I have to say Unsocial has been a book quite difficult to rate. As I said, I liked the connections between the main characters but there where several aspects that weren’t exactly my cup of tea.

First, I am not used to first person narrators. I don’t know why but it’s just not my favourite type of narrating. I got used to it by the end and that’s just me, I am sure many people enjoy it! Secondly, this book is too long. Nicole actually warned me about it! lol I adjusted to her writing style but I really believe it can be improved: there is repeated information, sometimes the paragraphs are too long and I found some grammar and punctuation mistakes (nothing serious and I am sure that with re-reading and the help of beta readers this can get better!). And finally, I have to say some of the characters and situations crossed me, especially how Jax and Alex are involved and always judging Dylan and Brooke’s forbidden relationship (thank God they open their eyes at the end!) and also, how Dylan acts sometimes (not liking the scenes with OW.. nope).

Still, I really believe these details can progress and besides that, I have to say all the characters, especially Dylan, Brooke and the siblings, are great and I loved how their story developed and ended! I really enjoy big happy families 🙂 And the hot moments too! lol

We are going to get through this, together, come hell or high water. It’s us against the world.

I don’t give a fuck how nuts my family makes me. Every day with them there is something new, and all the crazy shit just makes them worth waking up to.

Therefore, my rating for Unsocial is (almost) 4 STARS because as I said, there are some things that can be easily improved and also there were aspects that I really enjoyed like the good relationship the siblings have and the love story! So if you want to read a forbidden love story, involving a social worker and his very-sexy client, check Nicole’s book out!


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