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Review: ‘Stuck-Up Suit’ by Keeland and Ward

5+ ‘Train rides & Feather tattoos’ Stars!

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Let me just start this review telling you all how this book left me when I finished it: super-happy and satisfied. I love this kinds of works that leave you feeling so good that you never want to stop reading them! Ward and Keeland together, again, gave us an outstanding experience. I was so excited about this because I really enjoyed Cocky Bastard but this.. this was even better! And, can we just stop for a moment and mention THAT COVERGASM. Holy moly, I have the hots for this model! Yeah, I had to say it.

Stuck-Up Suit is the second novel written by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward and it can be read as an stand-alone novel but I highly recommend reading CB first, you will not regret it! Now, this gem of a novel tells the story of Soraya Venedetta (the assistant of a love advice columnist and a sassy but hurt woman that cannot stop her attraction towards Mr Big Prick when she sees him shouting on his phone during a train ride) and Graham Morgan a.k.a Stuck-Up Suit (the owner of a very successful company, a man who hides behind his asshole behaviour and who finds his wake-up call when he sees the woman that left some interesting photos on the phone he lost on said train).

Soraya: I don’t send porn to strangers. You just pissed me off. I wanted to show you what you were missing refusing to step down off your throne and see me.
Graham: If that’s the result, I plan to piss you off again. Often.

I loved every freaking thing about this book: EVERYTHING. It has all things I love reading: a couple with off-the-charts chemistry and lots of humourous, heartfelt and angsty moments. I could not stop reading, I started this during the morning and it was finished by night and that’s saying something. I am not even kidding, I loved Stuck-Up Suit even more than I loved Cocky Bastard. Graham and Soraya are such a fantastic couple!

“You have no idea how dangerous I am when I want something. I will stop at nothing to get it. And there’s nothing more that I want right now than you.”

“God, I want to fuck your mouth right now.”
She seemed to squirm in her seat. “Do you now?”
“Yes. And go down on you. We can liken it to stress eating.”

This had me laughing out loud, it has so many funny situations especially between the two main characters and I fell in love with their sassy dialogues and moments. Ward and Keeland’s writing style together.. one word: EXPLOSIVE. I did not skip a word, everything flows perfectly. I literally cannot wait for more! If they are capable of doing better than this I WILL DIE! lol

“You terrify me, Soraya.”
“But that’s the very reason that I just know.”
“Know what?”
“That this could be the real thing.”

Obviously, my favourite thing about Stuck-Up Suit are Graham and Soraya. The book has great main and secondary characters but these two are fabulous both when together and when not. They are complex, with pasts that still haunt them but everything changes for the better when they fall in love. I loved all their moments, especially when they had me laughing or fanning myself. Yep, they are HOT. Especially, Graham! I want him like BAD. Give him to me noooooooow! lol

He was fucking me, body and soul, and I just knew that this was going to ruin me forever.

“I know what I want.”
“Graham…things can change.”
“I need you, Soraya. I’ve never said that to another woman in my life.” I leaned my forehead against her and whispered, “I need you.”

*Swoon* Now you can understand a little bit why I want him so much 😉 And even though, there was a little bit of drama, characters that really got on my nerves (Gen and Avery.. daaaaaaamn I hate you both!) anda twist that I did not expect but it was great addition! Everything came awesome together at the end. I mean.. you even get a scene with the Cocky Bastard (he is so freaking funny and Graham’s reaction.. lol) Yeah, it was an epic ending for me: LOVED IT.

I just ran into a man walking a fucking goat.

He was the most romantic, arrogant, stuck-up suit I’d ever come across in my life. And he was perfect for me.

There were no coincidences in life. This journey we took, however fucked up of a turn it made, was meant to happen for us.

Therefore, I am so happy to rate Stuck-Up Suit with my special 6 STARS because it totally deserves it, it has everything that I enjoy in a story, you experience all the things together with these amazing characters. Vi and Penelope, I am at your feet. Thank you for this amazing love story! Please, if you haven’t checked out their two collabs, please do, you will not regret it! I highly highly recommend 😀



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