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Review: ‘Bounty’ by Kristen Ashley

3.5-4 ‘Less is more’ Stars!

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Most of you know that Kristen Ashley is one of my favourite authors, she is my queen and I love her books and her writing style. The Colorado Mountain series introduced me to her and I was so excited to read this new addition. Well, I quite enjoyed it but I will also say this is not my favourite in the series.

Bounty is Colorado Mountain‘s seventh installment and it tells the story of Deke Hightower (a man who only feels free when he is on the road, who is still affected by his difficult past and who is surprised to find his woman while working on her new house) and Justice ‘Jussy’ Lonesome (a woman who comes from a family dedicated to music, a lost person who has just lost her father and has a messed-up brother and who find her ‘less that’s more’ in Carnal, Colorado).

I actually had it all. And if I didn’t have it, I had the means to get it.
Having the feelings I was having, sitting at that bar, it made me feel ungrateful.
Because in coming to understand I wanted more, I was coming to understand that I actually wanted less.

Jussy and Deke actually meet in a bar in Wyoming and both feel an instant connection. They want to know more about each other but circumstances stop them from meeting again. That same night, Justice (very much affected by everything about Deke) writes one of her most famous songs: Chain Link. Seven years pass and now Jussy is new to Carnal, she just bought a house and hires Holden Maxwell’s company to fix it. Well, imagine the surprise when Deke appears in her front door.

I was stuck.
Stuck with days in, days out of a man who moved me with one meeting then stood me up and didn’t remember me working in my house.

I really enjoyed the love story between Deke and Justice. It definitely continues with the same style as the other Colorado Mountain books. I love KA’s alphas and the crazy chemistry between her couples. Bounty is all about this, and also, as always, with very emotional moments. KA makes me cry every freaking time! And I love it 😉

“I’m a lucky girl. Blessed. Given so much bounty, it’s almost embarrassing how much God likes me. But He really must like me because I have all I have and He also gave me you.”

Fuck, it was beginning to feel like Justice Lonesome had been made for him.

I really love how emotional it gets! And there is also plenty of hot and sexy times between these two! Moreover, one of the aspects I always enjoy about KA is her secondary characters. It’s great to have all the other Carnal people involved. All these characters have a place in my heart and Kristen gave us amazing moments with them in Bounty!

“Babe, you’re gonna get peace. Any motherfucker fucks with your peace, they got my buckshot in their ass,” Krystal declared.
My eyes got wide.
“Not to scare you or anything,” Jim-Billy leaned toward me and stage-whispered. “But she ain’t jokin’.”

“Ladies,” I cut in and when I had two sets of eyes aimed at me, I shared, “He’s totally boning me. And it is seriously fine.”
Lauren, holding Breanne, grinned at me.
Krystal smiled huge and said, “Well, all right.”

Max, Nina, Lauren, Tate, Jonas, Ty, Lexy, Chace, Faye, Decker, Wood, Maggie.. all of them had fantastic moments and I loved it! I really cannot wait for Wood’s story, which (sadly) will be the last one in the series.

However, as you can see, my rating is not really clear. Why not 3.5 or 4 stars alone? Well, as I said, I really enjoyed the love story and the secondary characters in Bounty but there was also some aspects that felt off for me. First, the book was quite slow (especially at the beginning). Second, KA tends to write long books and normally that’s not a problem but this one felt even longer because I did not connect as much as other times with the main characters. And third, even though I love KA’s writing style, I don’t know exactly what it was but this was not her pure, amazingly good techique. Sometimes I felt lost in the writing and maybe it was because I was also ill but it has never taken me a week to finish a KA book. Never.

“You were standing by a chain link fence wearing worn jeans and a white tee the first time I saw you in a biker bar in Wyoming.”

Besides this, Bounty was an enjoyable read for me but as I said at the beginning of the review, this is not my fave by KA. I really enjoyed Deke and Jussy’s moments together and especially their moments together with all the other characters. I love the familiarity between all of them! It will be hard to say goodbye to them in the next book, for sure!

I had not found my oasis. I had not found a home.
I’d stumbled into Heaven on earth where miracles could happen.

Therefore, my rating for Bounty is 3.5-4 STARS because I really enjoyed the story as a whole but it could have been even better, I know that without a doubt because I have seen KA at her best many other times! Still, it was a good read and it’s always good to have more of one of my favourite writers! If you have read the other Colorado Mountain books, please check this one out if you want to catch up with KA’s outstanding characters!


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