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Review: ‘When I’m With You’ by Harper Sloan

5+ ‘Our Beautiful War’ Stars!

Harper Sloan is one of my favourite writers and let’s just say I was freaking excited to finally read this book. Harper never disappoints me and this was no exception! Again, another outstanding love story!

When I’m With You is the third installment in the Hope Town series, the spin-off series of the Corps Security one. This time it tells the story of Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Reid (son of Axel and Izzy Reid, a man who has always been sorrounded by love and now has to deal with his feelings towards the beautiful and teen Ember) and Emberlyn ‘Ember’ Locke (daughter of Maddox and Emma Locke, a young successful woman who has always had deep feelings for Nate and has been suffering since she professed them to him).

I hate this feeling. No matter how great the pleasure my body gets from picturing her, I always feel empty after. A big giant reminder I’ll never know what having her feels like. Like it or not, this is all I’ll ever have. A hollow pit inside me that I’ve only ever felt was filling up when her smiles came at me without pause. A pit that’s taken up residence inside me since the night she admitted to having the same feelings I’ve been feeling for a long time.

This was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Harper again delivered an exceptional love story. Seriously, I think this has become my favourite book in this series. I love these characters SO MUCH. It’s great to have this spin-off novels because I am always excited to catch up with all the characters we meet in the Corps Security series. And I really enjoy how Harper creates love stories between the sons and daughters of some of my all-time favourite personages.

“Sass,” he warns. “Just like your mom. Just like your sister. I’m surrounded by fucking sass.”
“Whatever.” I laugh, wrapping my arm around his waist as he pulls me to his side with one arm over my shoulders. “What did you do this time?”
“And still she sasses me.”

My dear Maddox Locke, I love you ❤ And Emmy, Axel, Izzy, Greg, Mel, and all the other adults and children in this amazing series! Now, what I always enjoy the most, besides the great familiar relationships, is the actual love story. Nate and Ember have always loved each other but Nate is afraid to be with her because of several reasons. Now they are older and not able to control their feelings for each other anymore. They go through some though situations but when they start being together it’s freaking explosive.

“I’m not yours, Nate. You had that chance, and you didn’t want it.”
Bending down so my eyes are level with hers, I give in to the possessive need to claim her. “You were fucking born to be mine, little firecracker, and mine you will fucking be.”

Nate and Ember together.. Well, let’s just say they gave me one of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read. I am not kidding. The first sex scene between them was off-the-fucking-charts. Nate is so sexy and a freaking talented dirty talker. You know I love them dirty 😉 And together with this, their emotional chemistry is beautiful. They have fantastic moments together.

“Please,” I rasp past my dry throat, needing that so desperately.
“No, not please. From this point on, the only word I want to hear from your lips is my name. Moan, groan, scream out your pleasure, but you say no other word than my name. I want to hear you scream that, Ember,” he stresses with a hard thrust. “You don’t come until I tell you to,” he rumbles deep in his throat. I lose his eyes as he bends to trace my ear with the tip of his tongue before whispering against it. “And when you do, you had better do it loud enough to feel pain in your throat from the pleasure I’ll give your pussy.”

“That’s us.”
“That was us,” I correct.
“And what changed?” he continues as his attention stays focused on the painting.
“Everything,” I breathe.
“Give me more than that, Emberlyn. What changed to end our beautiful war?”
“My head collided with my heart.”
His pupils dilate, his eyes getting stormy as his nostrils flare. “Give me more,” he demands, taking a step toward me until just the smallest of space separates us from touching.
“Love won.”

I said hot and emotional right? There was not one thing I did not love about this novel, it has the perfect mix of everything I enjoy (good plot, profound characters and amazing chemistry) and that’s why it was a great read for me! And the ending! 4 EPILOGUES. Yes, 4 freaking epilogues. Loved them all! I literally cannot wait for the next story. I hope Harper Sloan gives us many more stories on these outstanding personages.

“I love you, Emberlyn Locke. I can’t change that we lost us for a while, but I can promise you with everything that I am that you will never, not for one second for the rest of our lives, know another day without that love.”

Therefore, my rating for When I’m With You is my special 6 STARS rating because it definitely deserves it. As I said, it has every aspect that I enjoy in a good love story and I cannot deny that I always enjoy getting to know more about all the characters in the Hope Town and the Corps Security series. I cannot wait for more! Harper don’t make me wait too much, I am an impatient lady! lol I highly, HIGHLY recommend this 🙂


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