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2 New Blog Sections!

Hello, my dear bookie friends!  🙂

I am writing directly to you this time because I have some pretty good news and I want to share everything with you!

It’s been several months since I changed my blog domain to WordPress and I have to say I am pretty happy on how it’s working. Since I started writing reviews, my blog has become the place where I post and save my texts but this is going to change!

I decided that I want this blog to have more sections. In other words, I will continue posting my reviews (of course!) but I will also introduce two new parts: a Monthly Top Pick (my favourite read of the month) and Book Releases & Cover Reveals (basically all the necessary info on new books).

I am so excited to start and give more life to this blog! I hope you are happy too about these updates! I will be glad to help you and give you a place to find anything romance book related  🙂 And as I always say, feel free to comment, follow my blog and all that good stuff!

Lots of loveeeee <333


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