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Review: ‘Mr Perfect’ by J. A. Huss

4 ‘Pinterest Dreams’ Stars!

 photo Mr Perfect - J. A. Huss_zpsl93x5bn4.png

I am always in the mood for a good and lighter story. This book is not the typical story we’ve all read by J. A. Huss (darker, with big twists, etc.), the Mister series introduces a funnier but still the hot AF style that Julie writes for her readers.

Mr Perfect is the first installment in this new series and it presents the story of McAllister ‘Mac’ Stonewall (a wealthy, mysterious and sexy man who becomes the heroine’s new boss and wants her since the beginning) and Eloise ‘Ellie’ Hatcher (the celebrity concierge of Stonewall Entertainment, a quirky woman who desires having the perfect life and the the perfect man but she discovers it is not that easy to find it).

Heath: I can make arrangements for the hot brother to get you off with his vibrating phone if you want.
Ellie: Oh, my God, Heath. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were getting my messages.
McAllister’s phone vibrates again and I look straight at him this time.
No. No. No. No. This is not possible.
Heath: He isn’t. I am.
McAllister looks straight at me and he winks. “Message received, Ellie.”

What was the aspect that hooked me up to Mr Perfect? First thing, the humour. The first chapters of the book I can only describe them as hilarious. Ellie’s mad obssession with Pinterest, the text messages and the slide scene.. I was DYING OF LAUGHTER. Like crazy laughing out loud while reading that. Definitely, Mac and Ellie’s love story starts in the weirdest/funniest way.

He thrusts into me, hard. Hard enough to make me gasp.
“You are a screamer, aren’t you, Miss Hatcher. I can tell. But if you do it now, I will gag you with my tie and that will take away the few minutes I have left to fuck you good and make you come. So don’t.”

Yep, the other thing I really enjoyed about this book was, obviously, the sex scenes. Damn, they are seriously HOT these two! Especially, Mac. You all know I fancy the dirty talkers 😉 I loved Mac and Ellie’s relationship and their crazy smokin’ chemistry. I mean, who does not enjoy a hot office romance with a misterious man and a nerdy woman?

He’s Mr. Perfect, right? Perfect guys don’t fall for boring girls like me.

“I want a perfect life, I guess.”
“And yet I am not the perfect man.”
“Nope,” she says. “It appears not.”
I might have a little panic attack at her admission. Is she having second thoughts?
“But I don’t think you need two perfect people to have the perfect life.”

I quite digged the mystery around Mac, even though I was not expecting that! I was lighter than a normal J. A. Huss twist but as she said this series is different too! There were some aspects that I did not enjoy as much (Ellie’s character got on my nerves some times and Mac’s secret was not as surprising as I expected) but overall this was a pleasant read for me. I cannot wait for all the other stories on the Mister series! Nolan a.k.a Mr Romantic is next and it looks like it’s going to be a good one too.

Mac: I made a Pinterest board. Perhaps you’d like to check it out?

This is perfect.
Every bit of this is perfect.
But only because Ellie is my Mrs. Perfect.

Therefore, my rating for Mr Perfect is 4 STARS because I quite enjoyed the plot of the story, the chemistry between the couple and the super-funny moments that Julie wrote for her readers. I am definitely excited to meet all the other Misters! If you want a lighter, funny and erotic love story, check this one out! I recommend it 🙂


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