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Review: ‘Finley’ by Ella Frank

4.5 ‘Six words’ Stars!

 photo Finley - Ella Frank_zpsthixam15.png

I was just re-reading Ella’s Temptation series (love Logan and Tate!!!) when I remebered she released a new story featuring one of the characters that appeared on the last book. When I am on the mood for a good MM story, I know Ella Frank will deliver greatly!

Finley is the first installment in the Sunset Cove series and it tells the story of Daniel ‘Finn’ Finley (a successful Chicago lawyer who decides to go back to his hometown after recieving a note from the man that broke his heart) and Brantley Hayes a.k.a Professor (a college teacher who sent away his student and lover away and now seems ready to face him again).

“I’m here because you told me to come home. But we both know I won’t truly be home until I’m back between your sheets, Professor.”

“I want you. And I’m selfish enough to keep you for as long as you let me.”

Ella Frank definitely knows how to write an emotional and super-hot love story between two very-hot men! I really enjoy her writing style and I was delighted to see how she decided to organize the book. In other words, the mix between the present and the flashbacks was amazingly done. Everything connected perfectly and that way it got more intense every time!

“How many nights over the last seven years have you lain in bed and wondered who was touching me?”
“Every night. I’ve thought about it every night since you left.”

Their past and present collided spectacularly, and as they collapsed onto the rug in a tangle of arms and legs, he wondered if they would ever be able to disentangle themselves long enough to find a new place to begin.

Brantley and Finn are both still affected by how their relationship ended: Daniel is angry at the Professor because he decided to push him away and not fight for their love. These two have great scenes together and obviously, as you all can imagine, they have smokin’ hot chemistry: both, emotionally and phisically. I loved this love story!

“You know what I want to see, Professor?”
“What?” he asked, and Daniel’s eyes came back to his.
“You on your knees.”

“Who have I always belonged to? Who should I always be with?”
“Me, Finn. You’re mine and I’m yours. Always.”

Overall, I enjoyed Finley a lot. It has great characters (both main and secondary), a good plot and a sexy and loving couple. As I said, I do enjoy Ella’s MM books! However, I have to say the story was a bit predictable and maybe the main characters spend too much time remembering the past. Besides that, everything was perfect! And I have to say, I cannot wait for the next book because Derek and Jordan seem to have a pretty interesting relationship lol Loved these characters!

Life had a funny way of giving you exactly what you needed. Exactly when you needed it.

“I love my teacher.”

Therefore, my rating for Finley is 4.5 STARS because I really love Ella’s writing style and her characters. She writes awesome stories, seriously! And the sex is off-the-charts hot! So, if you want to enjoy a good MM love story, check Ella’s books out! And if you have read her Temptation seires, I can assure you you will enjoy this one too. You will not regret it 😉


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