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ARC Review: ‘Mr. Tucker’ by Justine Elvira

4 ‘Sweet girl’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Mr. Tucker - Justine Elvira_zpsjjokdmo6.png

I am always excited to read authors I haven’t read before. I actually had one of Justine’s books on my TBR list but you all know it’s an infinite list and I can keep up with it! lol When she contacted me, telling me about her new book, I was definitely interested. A teacher/student romance? Yep, I am all ears! And it was pretty great!

Mr. Tucker is a stand-alone novel and it tells the story of Savannah Simple (a confident but virgin high school student who is on her last year and wants to continue with the tradition of her family of becoming the prom queen) and Landon Tucker a.k.a Mr. Tucker (Savannah’s new and super-hot history teacher, a man who can’t stop feeling atracted to his student and said atraction provokes lots of changes in their lives).

Meeting Mr. Tucker has changed my expectations. He’s sexy, mature, and sophisticated, and after last night he’s the current star of my wet dreams. I don’t know how I’m going to make it happen, but I definitely can only imagine one man to give my “flower” to and that’s Mr. Tucker.

I really enjoyed Mr. Tucker! It’s that kind of book that you can always enjoy between reads because it’s light, with less drama and full of sexy times! Savannah and Landon definitely have chemistry on both, the emotional and the sex department. At first, Landon wants to fight against his feelings but, obviously, that does not go well. He becomes even sexier when sex (and a ruler!) is involved 😉

I’ve been a good teacher and held off for long enough but Savannah will be eighteen tomorrow.
The good teacher act is over.

Am I dreaming again? Did I fall asleep while reading, or did Landon just smack my ass with the ruler?

“This is Israel, Savannah.” His finger circles the small spot on the map. “I figure if I fuck you for the first time with this tiny country as your focal point, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.”

Mr. Tucker is, surely, a hot dirty talking teacher! I will not complain about that.. But there is some teenage drama around because of the kind-of-ridiculous senior bet (if you lose your virginity by spring break –have proof– then you’re in the running for prom queen).

That’s when enters the only aspect that got on my nerves: the immaturity that Savannah (and her friends) have. Of course, I get it: they are teenagers. However, this whole thing about the bet.. Nope, I did not enjoy it as much. And the way the heroine’s friends behave (especially Jo Lynne), so not liking that! But, I have to say Savannah do matures by the end of the book and that I really loved!

“I’m so proud of you, sweet girl.”

“When I envision my future the only thing I see set in stone is you.”

Therefore, my rating for Mr. Tucker is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed having a less dramatic read, the relationship between the couple and their smokin’ chemistry! Also, the epilogue was super-sweet and sexy! So, if you like teacher/student romance and you want a lighter but still hot novel, check out Mr. Tucker. I recommend it, of course!


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