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ARC Review: ‘Sugar Daddy’ by Sawyer Bennett

5 ‘Sugary Revenge’ Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I think I have become a Sawyer Bennett fangirl after reading this. I actually have read (and enjoyed) her Legal Affairs series and I have many of her books on my never-ending TBR list so when I saw this new novel on Netgalley I instantly requested it. Best decision EVER.

Sugar Daddy is the first installment in Sawyer’s new Sugar Bowl series, a trilogy that I have read is a little bit different from her other books: more suspenseful, angsty and with dark elements. Yep, not her usual sweet and sexy (but still SO good)! The novel tells the story of Sela Halstead (a young woman with an abusive past who becomes a sugar baby to take revenge on the man that destroyed her life: Jonathon Townsend) and Beckett ‘Beck’ North (the tech mastermind behind the Sugar Bowl business, JT’s best friend and partner and the man that will “complicate” things for Sela after starting a relationship with her).

Innocent and fresh. Two words that should never be used to describe the dark and damaged woman I’ve become.

I FLOVED THIS. LOVED IT. Sawyer gave us a great story with a fantastic plot, complex characters and a couple with smokin’ hot chemistry. I really enjoyed Bennett’s writing style, it’s fluid and easy to follow. I barely contained my emotions because they were all over the place. Characters well-developed and elaborated will give you that. I loved Sela (I felt so bad for her at the beginning but she gets stronger page after page) and I loved Beck (he is in-between his feelings for Sela and his friendship with JT and, of course, he is freaking sexy hero!).

I do know one thing for sure… there is some type of connection between Sela and me that I’ve never experienced before.

I want to crawl inside of you, Sela, and feel every inch of you against me. I don’t want any barriers and I don’t wany any fucking walls between us. Just you and me, touching… you melding into me, me into you.

Everything changes when Beck and Sela start having real feelings for each other. At the start, even though their connection is instant, it’s all about sex, their “sugarship” and Sela’s revenge on JT (I really really hate him, such an asshole!). But when their relationship changes to something more, things get tricky for both main characters: Beck wants his friend and girlfriend to get along and Sela wants to keep Beck and starts feeling guilty for using him for her vengeance. I have to say, the whole plot is very singular and the characters outstanding. I can’t wait to get to know more about them!

I realized that intimacy is actually something that I could learn to crave with a man like Beckett North and that I’ve only just begun to discover the true potential inside of myself.

And here comes the reason I always wait to have all the books on series because I really hate waiting. And I am really going to hate waiting after THAT freaking CLIFFHANGER. I was kind of expecting it but damn! I was so engaged to the story and now I have to wait months for the next book to come out! Sawyer Bennet I love you and hate you at the same time LOL I am pretty sure the Sugar Bowl series will be one of my favourites this year. It was just so amazing!

I care for you more than I care about justice for myself, and that makes me miserable.

Therefore, my rating for Sugar Daddy is 5 STARS because there is not one single thing I did not enjoy about this book. It has everything that I enjoy: good plot, characters and chemistry. I need the next book like yesterday! So, if you enjoy Sawyer’s books or you want to read a more dramatic (but still awesome) work by her, you definitely need to check out this series. I highly recommend it!


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