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Cover Reveal: ‘Violet’ by Abby Gale


 Angel was missing.

And I needed answers.

The questions were haunting me.

Was she alive? Dead? What happened to her?

The trail ended in The Club Nymph…and that was where I began.

With no help and no clues, I did the only thing I could.

I left Dawn behind and became Violet.


Strip-pole dancer.

An undercover.

On a mission.

In the midst of dark, mischiveous world where danger, illusion, luscious scent of sex and lingering lust rule, I didn’t only discover the truth but the unexpected empowering sensation of falling deep along the way.

With them.


About the author

ABBY GALE – An avid reader who turned into an author

I’m a pharmacist in the daylight and an author at nights. I was always in love with reading and one day, I discovered the passion of writing. After that day, I couldn’t stop writing. It’s the only way to stop voices in my head. 

So here I am in a few words: A pharmacist, a blogger, an avid reader, an author.

My debut novel is VIOLET. Hope, you’ll like it.


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