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Release Blitz + ARC Review: ‘The Dom Games’ by Rachel Robinson

the dom games now available

Ten submissive women. One billionaire dominant.

Three months competing for his “affections.”

One winner takes all.


THE DOM GAMES by Rachel Robinson

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Dominic Reed, heir to an oil fortune, has spent his entire adult life perfecting his dark hobby. With little control in every other area of his manicured life, he finds his release as a dominant. With more money than he knows what to do with, he creates a TV show: The Dom Games.

This year is different than the past seasons, this year Dominic will be the star. He wants a forever submissive.

Before last month Kayla Parchet thought the word submissive only referred to dogs. Fresh out of college with a business degree that is scrap paper, she needs to get an Ivy League masters degree to pursue her dreams. When Kayla is accepted to be one of the ten, her world takes a dark turn as she competes against women who live the submissive lifestyle for enjoyment. Can she hold on to her dreams long enough to win the competition and ten million dollars? Or will she get sucked into Dominic’s twisted world?

Only a few whips and canes stand between Kayla and the future she’s always desired.

Lights, camera, sex…

the dom games excerpt reveal teaser.jpg


4 ‘Butterflies and Sex’ Stars!

ARC provided via TRSOR Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

 photo The Dom Games - Rachel Robinson_zpsq0qilh8o.png

The blurb of this book really caught my attention and I was all over it when I saw it is written by Rachel Robinson. I loved Crazy Good so that made me have quite high expectations about this one. Let’s just say, The Dom Games is pretty different from what I have read by this author but still I enjoyed it.

The Dom Games is a stand-alone novel and it tells the story of Dominic ‘Dom’ Reed (the wealthy creator of a very-famous TV show called The Dom Games who now will become the star of the new season) and Kayla Parchet (a sassy not-very-submissive woman who needs money for her master’s degree, decides to cast for the TV show and finds herself in a emotional journey that she was not expecting).

“Ladies. Meet your Dom. Dominic Reed, founder, owner, and operator of The Dom Games and Reed Studios. Dominic, meet your harem.”

This was definitely far from what I am used to. In other words, The Dom Games is different because it deals with a plot that introduces ten submissive women that have to win Dominic Reed’s heart. This is not about one woman fighting for one man, this is about several women wanting the same man. It’s obvious since the first time they see each other that Dom and Kayla have a special connection. They have a very strong and hot chemistry, of course, but they also go through a very emotional roller coaster.

“You want to come. […] But I don’t want you to come, because you’re a fucking naughty girl, Kayla.”

“Everything about you makes me want more. I want every tiny piece of you until there’s nothing left.”

I have to say I loved the scenes between these two. The sex is crazy hot and when the emotions get involved, it was even better! Also, this was unusual (coming from Robinson) because it has a romantic comedy feel to it. Kayla is obviously sassy and Dom secretly loves it! So, overall, the relationship between the main characters was pretty good for me.

Dominic Reed ruined me for the rest of the male population on planet Earth.

However, I have to say there was one aspect that stopped me from giving The Dom Games a higher rating: Dom’s scenes with the other women in the program and how he reacts sometimes towards Kayla’s feelings. I know it (kind of) was because of the TV show rules but I felt that he was betraying Kayla when he had scenes with the other participants. I especially hated Dominic when (view spoiler). I did not enjoy that at all. But, thank God, everything got better at the end!

You are a piece, the only piece of the puzzle of life that matters.

Therefore, my rating for The Dom Games is 4 STARS because I enjoyed almost everything about this book, especially the chemistry between the main characters and when they showed their feelings for each other. So, if you want to read a different love story with a dominant man and a sassy but sweet woman, check this one out!


About the author

rachel robinson

Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

Stalk Rachel here:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads




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