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Review: ‘Dirty Girl Duet’ by Meghan March

4 ‘The Top of the Rock’ Stars!

 photo Dirty Girl Duet - Meghan March_zpsjwc1xcmw.png

Let’s just start by saying I freaking loved my first Meghan March read (Dirty Billionaire) so I was extremely excited when she announced a spin-off featuring Creighton Karas’ sister, Greer. Of course, the author did not disappoint!

This review will be about the duet, in other words, the two novels called Dirty Girl and Dirty Love. Here March introduces the story of Greer Karas (a woman who does pretty surprising stuff when drunk and does not expect what will come to her after posting an ad that demands a “rich, famous, single guy with a giant cock”) and Cavanaugh ‘Cav’ Westman (a man that disappeared of Greer’s life three years ago and now he is ready to take what he considers his).

Three years ago, I walked before I could dirty up her pristine little world. But now? All bets are off.

“What are you doing?”
The hiss of the zipper comes next.
“Apparently you’ve changed your requirements for wooing, baby girl.”

Well, let’s just say there is A LOT of sex scenes in these two books. Great and smokin’ hot sex scenes. Cav is a dirty dirty man and he wants Greer to be his dirty girl. And these two together? There is loads of chemistry! Cav and Greer had a short but memorable moments three years ago and now that sex is included, it’s even better. These novels are definitely dirty.

“You’re my bad, dirty girl.” His other hand moves from the small of my back down to the bare skin of my ass. “And tonight I’m going to show you just how dirty you were made to be.”

He’s insane.
And I’m insane for falling for him so blindly.

I always enjoy the sex, of course. But the emotions are really important for me too. Obviously, there are quite strong feelings between our couple but I have to say in that department, I enjoyed the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy more. Sometimes I did not feel the emotions as much as I felt it with Creighton and Holly. Still, it was good, especially after the cliffhanger that happens in Dirty Girl. I did not expect that at all and I always enjoy this kind of surprises. Greer and Cav have fantastic moments together, and I really enjoyed their story and how it ended!

“Most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and you’re mine. Every single fucking piece of you is mine. I won’t take anything less, Greer. All of you. That’s what I want.”

Therefore, my rating for both, Dirty Girl and Dirty Love, is 4 STARS because Meghan March definitely knows how to write a couple with amazing chemistry that will give you all the hots! I cannot wait for more! Meghan already announced, at the end of the second novel, that this “series” will continue (I really hope we get Banner and Logan’s story and Win and Bo’s too!). So, if you want to read, as the book title says, a dirty love story, check this duet out. I recommend it!



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