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Review: ‘Untouched’ by Alexa Riley

4 ‘You came’ Stars!


Yeah, I think we all know by now what Alexa Riley delivers, every freaking time. That gif gives quite a perfect description, right? 😉

Untouched is a stand-alone short story that is about Alexander (a wealthy business man that has just bought a land for his new airstrip and is surprised when he finds an angelic surprise inside the house) and Liliana (an eighteen year old innocent woman that has been tucked away her whole life and she finds in Alexander the man she has been waiting for).

“I’m Alexander. And you’re mine now, Liliana,” I say, moving my hands lower and cupping her ass in a possessive hold. “You belong to me.”
“What took you so long?” she whispers, that look of awe still on her face.

I’ll be her first. Her last. Her everything.

You know, if you have read anything by these two amazing women, that there isn’t much to say except that we are presented with a couple who falls instantly in love and they have the hottest sex. Alexander is a dirty dirty man and Liliana is so ready for everything that he wants. I will not complaint about that! I love Alexa Riley’s smut!

Our first kiss is my mouth on her cunt, but we’ll have more after this. Many, many more.

“I’m going to have to mark you everywhere. Your cunt, your mouth, even your ass. You’ll let me, too, won’t you?”

As I said, there isn’t a lot more to say about it but I felt Untouched was shorter than other AR stories (maybe that’s just me idk..) and I wanted more of these two! I have to say Mechanic, PS… You’re Mine and Curvy are still my favorite ones! But it’s always good to have a shortie that delivers great smut!

“You’re mine now, Liliana. You’re mine forever. I’m taking you raw and I’m not pulling out. You’ll welcome my cum inside you, and you won’t ever ask me to stop. Right?”

Therefore, my rating for Untouched is 4 STARS because, again, Alexa Riley is great when I am in the mood for something light, with practically no drama involved and with good sex scenes. I highly recommend their short stories if you haven’t already read them!



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