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ARC Review: ‘Unbridled’ by Nicole Dykes

4.5 ‘Free to Love’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Unbridled - Nicole Dykes_zpsqsb4ocze.png

It was only months ago when I read my first book by the lovely Nicole Dykes. It was Unsocial and with it came one of the things that I enjoy most on books: big happy families (and, I hope, lots of love stories!). I knew after finishing it that I wanted to know more about the Monroes and Nicole did not disappoint with her new addition to this series!

Unbridled is the second book in the Monroe series but it can also be read as a stand-alone (even though I highly recommend reading Unsocial first). This time we are presented with the love story between Lucas ‘Luke’ Monroe (a sexy college student, obsessed with motorcycles, who is there to live his father’s dream but everything changes with the appearance of..) Hannah Martin (also a college student, with a very religious family, who was the best friend that Luke lost three years ago when the heroine disappeared without explanation).

Luke reminds me of a time in my life that was so fun and easy. A time where I was free to be me.

I have to say, this was, for me, even better than Dylan’s story! I felt more connected with Luke and Hannah and I love how their friendship/relationship developed. Actually, these two were friends long before meeting again in college and there was definitely lots of mixed feelings between them. Luke wants Hannah back and Hannah is afraid because of what happened in the past (a sad event that we don’t know about at the beginning) and also because she has a family and a best friend who are always in the way.

I see so much of the boy who used to be my best friend, but I also feel sometimes I’m getting to know a stranger who is a very interesting and, dear Lord, sexy as sin, man.
And I’m loving every moment of it.

Thank God for Luke and his stubbornness to have Hannah’s friendship back! Everything changes when they become friends again, especially when they start feeling a strong attraction towards each other. It was always there but now they actually have regular sex lol They do not label it, even though it’s clear that they are dating. They are so sweet and so hot together! I am definitely not complaining on the sex department 😉

“Tell me how hard you want to come, and I’ll make it happen.”
“I don’t care. Just do it. Please,” she pleads.
“I will, with my mouth. When I’m finished eating your tight little cunt, you won’t ever remember you dated pencil dick. But you’ll sure as fuck remember coming all over my tongue.”

Moreover, I am happy to add that I haven’t had a problem with the rating this time. With Unsocial, I had several aspects that I thought could be improved and I have to say, they obviously have in Unbridled! For a start, this book a lot shorter, which I really appreciate! Secondly, and because of that same aspect, the writing has improved. No more repetitions, no more too-long paragraphs, no more punctuation mistakes. And finally, it felt so good to have great (and new) secondary characters that actually supported the couple!

He’s so deeply embedded in my soul, how am I supposed to move on?

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this novel! There were some aspects at the beginning that got to me but besides that, I loved Unbridled! The plot, the characters, the love story and everything in between. I especially enjoyed having scenes with the whole family and keeping up with all the Monroes! I cannot wait for the next book (Nicole actually teased us a little bit about that at the end of this book, YAAAY! 😉 Do not miss it!!)

“I think you get one truly epic love story in your life” […] “You’re mine. You are my epic love story.”

Therefore, my rating for Unbridled is 4.5 STARS because it was a great love story, with a little bit of angst and lots of sweet and sexy moments! Luke and Hannah have great chemistry, obviously! And I am sure Nicole has more surprises about all these great characters that she introduced. I cannot wait! Yes, I recommend not missing the Monroe series 🙂


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