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Blog Tour: ‘Educating Emma’ by Kat Austen

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Emma’s had it bad for Professor Faraday all semester. Despite her best efforts, Luke Faraday seems immune to the brilliant blonde who sits enthralled in his lecture hall every day.

When Emma decides to confront her enigmatic professor and confess her feelings, Luke has a confession of his own to make. Will his confession send her running? Or will it send her running straight into his arms?

Either way, Emma’s about to get more of an education than she bargained for.

***This is a Dark Fantasies Novella, fantasy being the key word. Get lost in the story, hold off jumping to conclusions, and brace yourself for the sweet surprise waiting at the end.***


“Dr. Faraday . . .” she calls in that innocent voice of her. There’s a question in her voice.

“My place. Tonight.” I tuck my insatiable cock into my pants. “I’m afraid we’ve failed to fully meet his needs with our session this afternoon, so we’ll have to try again later.”

I wait her for to agree. Her body tells me everything I need to know, but still, I want her to nod. She does, her shoulders slumping in defeat as I pull a fresh shirt from my briefcase and button it on. Even after I’ve forced orgasm after orgasm from her, riding her hard, I can tell she’s still wound tight. Still needy.

Still greedy for my body and what it does to her.

After tucking in my shirt, I smack her ass as I pass behind her. She barely flinches, instead almost sinking into my palm, welcoming it to strike her soft cheek again. I give her what she wants.

“I’ve taken every part of you in the time we’ve been allotted, but tonight . . .” My fingers run down her cheeks, pausing to circle where I’m planning on having my fun tonight.

Her hips pitch back, giving me better access, and right before I free my cock to take her back there now, I pause long enough to take a breath. Tonight. Something to look forward to.

When I can take as much time as I want.

Giving her ass one last slap, I lower my mouth to her neck. Unable to resist, I suck her delicate skin like I played with her nipple earlier, until she’s arching her back and her tits are pointing at the ceiling. When I release her, I smile at the mark already starting to bruise her neck. Mine.

“Good-bye for now, poppet.” I run my fingers through her ponytail on the way to my briefcase.

After jogging up the stairs, I pause when I reach the door, unable to leave the room without admiring her from this vantage.

She’s still on the table, knees spread, wrists bound in front of her and forcing her massive chest to spill over her arms. The evidence of our fucking is still dripping from her, and her skin is flushed from the things I’ve done to her body. Her muscles and limbs are exhausted from the things I’ve made her do.

Her nipples look well-suckled, the mark on her neck is spreading, and she’s staring at me in a way that makes my inner demon gloat.

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Everything I could ever want.

And she’s all mine.



About the author

Kat Austen is the secret pen name of a New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author. Kat writes short and steamy reads that leave hearts (and other parts) satisfied.

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