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Review: ‘Devil’s Kiss’ by Ella Frank

5 ‘Always Answer’ Stars!

Finally, I have some time to write this review! I really hate not being able to read and review more, but now I need most of my time to take care of my mother (she is doing very well, btw! :)). But leaving that aside, let’s talk business. Ella Frank is the queen of emotional MM stories! With Devil’s Kiss, she does it again and she made me love these two man so much!

Devil’s Kiss is the second installment of the Sunset Cove series and it follows with the story of Derek Pearson (a man who has had a difficult life, growing up without mother and with a drunk father, and who now is fighting to have a good living) and Jordan Devaney (Derek’s opposite: a man with a rich background, who is enjoying his professional and personal life but everything changes when he meets his new tattooed student).

The people who stand out as special in your life are usually put in your path for a reason.

“Oh, and Professor Devaney…” Derek’s voice had him slowly pivoting to see him standing at the door—all six foot whatever-he-was of him.
“Yes, Derek?”
“I just want you to know, I respect who you are, very much.”

Derek definitely “respects” Jordan, A LOT 😉 These two together.. HOLY HELL. They are so hot, the sexual tension is almost palpable and when they act on it Derek and Jordan have off-the-charts chemistry. What I always enjoy of Frank’s writing is that she is able to give you mind-blowing sex scenes and then the next a super-emotional moment. When the feelings got involved, this was, obviously, even better.

“You answered,” Derek said, and Jordan instantly sobered when Derek’s voice cracked. “That’s everything to someone with nothing.”

In that moment something between them shifted.
The landlord and tenant.
The professor and student.
They vanished.
And all that remained was one man who needed the other to survive.

I feel Devil’s Kiss was even more thrilling than Finley. Derek goes through very tough moments (I really REALLY hate his dad..) and it was heartbreaking to read. Thank God for Jordan, who stole my heart with his humor and his ability to calm Derek. Both these men stole my heart, I ship them SO hard. There wasn’t a moment I did not enjoy about this book and that says a lot: it was perfect for me. Again, having past and present moments with these two was so welcomed.

“I want to wake up with you,” Jordan said, as he traced his thumb across Derek’s lower lip. Then he gave a lecherous grin and said, “After I’ve taken you to dinner, brought you back to my place, kissed and licked every bit of ink on your delicious body, and had my wicked way with you, of course.”

“Want to know a secret?”
“You dared me.”

Maybe there was only one little thing that got to me: Jordan takes a lot of time to realize he loves Derek. He wants to think it’s only sex, but it, obviously, isn’t. Derek suffers because of that and I just really wanted to hug him because he had enough things to work on. Still, Ella Frank gave us, again, an amazing novel with great characters (it was great to catch up with Finn and the Professor!), very-emotional moments and a couple with lots of chemistry.

He was in heaven, being kissed by the devil himself, and, hell, there wasn’t one damn thing he would change.

Therefore, my rating for Devil’s Kiss is 5 STARS because I loved every freaking second of reading this book. Derek and Jordan are just so perfect for each other! And I cannot wait for the next story (Dylan’s) which Ella is co-writing with Brooke Blaine, YAY!! So, if you haven’t read Ella’s fabulous MM stories and you enjoy them, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend!


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