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ARC Review: ‘Moonshot’ by Alessandra Torre

4 ‘Like what you see?’ Stars!

BR with my Shhluts 😀 – Read as part of the Shh… (F)BR for Moonshot.

ARC kindly provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Moonshot - Alessandra Torre_zps9clcmqlm.png

Alessandra Torre has become one of my favourite authors since I read Tight and I a am always excited when she announces new releases. Of course, as an AT fan, I was impatiently waiting for this book! I waited so I could start reading in the Shh… Epic WORLDWIDE (F)Buddy-Read (you can still participate!) and, as always, it was a great read!

Moonshot is a stand-alone sports novel written by the amazingly talented Alessandra Torre and it tells the story of Tyler ‘Ty’ Rollins (the daughter of a baseball legend and seventeen year old Yankees batgirl that, even though knows about the hero’s reputation, cannot stop her pull towards him) and Chase Stern (the sexy baseball player that is starting to get attention for his play, a man who still struggles with a sad past event and a man who cannot stop from wanting the prohibited, especially when he meets Ty). Mix this sizzling love story with lots of baseball and suspenseful developments and you get this fantastic book!

He was beautiful.
He was perfection.
And he had, according to the news report title, been a very bad boy.

Together, we would only bring chaos.

Love baseball? You will love this! If not, you will after reading Moonshot, that’s for sure! Alessandra Torre introduces this theme in her newest release and it works so well with the story. I cannot say it enough times: Torre is an extremely talented writer. I love her writing style and how everything in her books connects so well. She is the master of suspenseful twists and boy, did she have an ace up her sleeve this time!

I broke under his hands. I might’ve cried. I definitely swore. In those moments, his eyes on mine, his touch pushing inside, I climbed into heaven and fell back down a different woman.

A woman shouldn’t be created in such heartbreakingly beautiful combinations. A woman shouldn’t, in fifteen minutes, have the ability to ruin him for life.

Now, combine all these mysterious deaths with a fabulous and forbidden love story. Chase and Ty start a secret love affair that, of course, is full of out-of-this-world sex scenes. Their chemistry is smoking hot and you will love when the sexy Chase Stern plays dirty 😉 However, not everything is hearts and flowers for these two. Circumstances and stupid decisions separate the couple and when they meet again both have changed a lot.

Our world became a prison, the World Series our key to escape. And my nights on the field? That was my prison time spent in the yard. A big yard, one where gods played.

“Not to be un-gentlemanlike, but I haven’t gone to bed in four years without jacking off to the thought of you. And it wasn’t you on your knees. I have to touch you, baby. I have to fucking drink you in. And there isn’t a thing that you can say to change that fact.”

Together with all of this, Torre continues working with her big twists and suspenseful situations. Again, you do not expect what is coming and who works behind it and I love how I get surprised every time by that. Still, I have to say, Moonshot is not my favourite book by this author. Sometimes I did not understand Ty’s decisions and also it was difficult to get the couple’s relationship after they meet again. Besides that, I really enjoyed it!

Baseball shouldn’t be life or death. Baseball shouldn’t determine fates.

As a teenager, he had corrupted me. As a woman, he had ruined me.

Therefore, my rating for Moonshot is 4 STARS because this definitely was a good read with a good and mysterious plot, complex characters and a couple with super hot chemistry. I love how Alessandra’s stories are not predictable, everything is perfectly connected and you are always satisfied by the end! So, if you enjoy her books or if you like baseball and you want to read a great sports romance, you should check Moonshot out! I recommend it!



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