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Review: ‘Always’ by Nina Lane

5+ ‘An Important Thing’ Stars!

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It’s always hard to say goodbye to books or series that you love. It’s even harder to say goodbye to the characters that stole your heart while reading. This is what happened with the Spiral of Bliss series and their main characters, Dean and Olivia West. The professor and his beauty gave us a journey full of all-types of moments and for that, they will stay forever with me. Thank you for this outstanding series, Nina Lane!

Always is the fifth and final installment in the Spiral of Bliss series and it concludes the story of our dearest Dean West and his beauty. In this novel, Dean and especially Liv have to fight against a monster that the professor cannot slay. It’s extremely emotional and extremely good because of that.

A life filled with both change and lovely sameness. I’ve finally learned that life is all about those things existing side by side, like a pathway curving alongside an ever-moving river. Sometimes you take one route, sometimes the other, but both will move you forward.

After I finished the fourth book (Adore), I thought that was it. I thought Nina gave her readers Dean and Liv’s happy ending and there would not be another book (I felt it was not necessary). But, of course, Always is a great addition to the series. The Spiral of Bliss couple are enjoying their life as a family together with their two children. Everything is good, the kids are the cutest thing ever and the married couple still have sizzling chemistry.

“I love you like milk loves cookies,” I murmur against his mouth.
He squeezes my ass. “I can’t wait to eat you tonight.”

A sinister territory stretches in front of us. A land of monsters.
How do I fight? What are my weapons? How do I protect her?

But, everything changes when Dean and Liv are forced to surpass one of the hardest things that life can bring you. They struggle, they argue, there is lots of tears and some scary moments. My poor heart! How I suffered while reading this! I love this couple so much and I was so afraid for them. However, of course, they fight against this horrible monster. Dean and Olivia continued being a couple who did not give up and a couple that considers their love the most important thing of all.

Nicholas will always believe in superheroes and Legos. Bella will always know cute animals and finger paints are better than medicine. I will always champion doing your best and taking risks. And Dean will always stand guard over us, only allowing the good into our dreams.

Obviously Nina Lane, together with heart-breaking moments, continued giving us the off-the-charts chemistry between Dean and Liv West. I have always loved their loving relationship, I love how Dean can be sweet and extremely hot at the same time. I love how intimate their sex scenes are. I love every freaking part of the professor and his beauty together (as a couple and as a family)!

“Right here.”
“You… you live inside me.” I press a hand to my chest, my heart that beats in rhythm with hers. “Everywhere. You are the key to every part of me.”

“Marry me again,” I say.
“I’ll never stop marrying you.”

These two are one of the best (married) couples in Contemporary Romance. Nina Lane has created unforgettable characters that will remain forever in our hearts: Dean, Liv, Archer, Kelsey, Nicholas, Isabella, Allie, etc. She has created a wonderful love story with a couple that has the most beautiful relationship. As I said, it’s hard to say goodbye to them, but Always was a great way to do it!

“Give me a kiss, beauty.”

Therefore, my rating for Always is, of course, my special 6 STARS rating because there wasn’t a single thing I did not enjoy about this book. It’s a great a addition to this outstanding series and the sweetest conclusion for Dean and Olivia West. Again, thank you Nina for giving us this fantastic love story! And, PLEASE, if you haven’t read this series and you want to enjoy the amazing relationship between the professor and his beauty, check the Spiral of Bliss series. You will not regret it, I highly HIGHLY recommend!


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