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Review: ‘Have Faith’ by Kyla Koy

3,5 ‘Baby Sis’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Well, that was smutty, for sure! lol I always enjoy “forbidden” or “taboo” romance and when Kyla Koy contacted me to review this and I read the blurb, I was all over it! And can I just say, I freaking love the book’s cover!

The time for pretending was over now. I’d have her if it was the last thing I fucking did.

Have Faith is Kyla Koy’s debut novella and it belongs to her Taboo Tales Book Club series (sounds interesting, right?). This is the first installment and it tells the story of Carter and Faith Callahan, two step-siblings who want each other pretty bad. Carter is back from Afghanistan, done with his military work and ready to claim what has always considered his: his baby sis, Faith.

It was a sick feeling, this taboo compulsion I had to plant my seed inside of her and claim Faith as my own.

“Faith. You’re all I’ve thought about for years. Every woman I’ve been with, every time I thought I was going to die, every time I thought about living – I thought about you. I don’t just want you; I need you.”

I enjoyed this story. I have to say it is basically pure smut lol There’s lots of sexual situations for such a short story. You can expect a lot when it’s a shortie because it’s difficult to develop the plot and the characters personalities. That’s why I rated it with 3,5 stars because I enjoyed the sex but I did not feel connection with the characters. Also, the writing can be improved, the dirty talk was good but I don’t know, something just did not agree with me.

“You know I’m never going to let you go. Now that I’ve had you, you are mine.”

Therefore, my rating for Have Faith is 3,5 STARS because I quite enjoyed the sex but I have to say I did not connect as much as I expected with the characters. However, I see there is many other people that enjoyed this novella so if you are into taboo stories and you want a sexy shortie, check this one out! And thank you Kyla for gifting me the copy!


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