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Review: ‘Say You’ll Stay’ by Corinne Michaels

4,25 ‘A Part of Me’ Stars!

 photo Say Youll Stay - Corinne Michaels_zpsvmosb5zd.png

I have been hesitant to reading this book. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because I read so many mixed reviews. I was super excited about this one because I love Corinne Michaels’ books and thank God I finally decided to read it: it was pretty awesome!

Say You’ll Stay is the first installment in Corinne’s new series called Return to Me which will feature the stories of the Hennington brothers. This story focuses on Presley Benson and Zachary Hennington, two people that were in love but circumstances broke them apart. Now, Pres has the perfect life (a house, a loving husband and two kids) and we don’t know about Zach until the Benson family is forced to leave their home after a heartbreaking event. The hometown sweethearts meet again and their second chance love story begins again.

“Loving someone doesn’t stop just because you don’t see them any more.”

Is that really you? How are you? Why are you here? Why didn’t you call? Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you come with me? Where have you been? Do you feel this? What does it mean?

Zach and Pres have always been in love, they were/are ‘the one’ for each other and even though their present situation is not the best, they cannot stop what they feel for each other. Everything is extremely difficult to be dealt with, especially for Presley, but love wins over all things. These two start dating again but there still are some secrets between them (and they provoke some intense emotional scenes!).

He breaks me apart. He puts me together. He’s my poison and my antidote.

“I regret leaving her, not lovin’ her.”

There definitely is lots of chemistry between the main couple. Sometimes their scenes are hugely emotional, sometimes off-the-charts hot, sometimes just so sweet. How can I not love a cowboy that talks baseball lingo and loves the heroine to the most extreme level? *swoon* Also, I love all the new characters introduced for this series! Pres’ kids, Angie, Wyatt, Trent, Grace.. I cannot wait for the next two books!

I feel so much all at once. I’m scared, happy, sad, desperate, and hopeful. It’s as though I’ve found my place again. Zach is home. Zach is the place that I’ve always known and wanted.

“No, darlin’,” he says. “We never fuck. Even when we’re rough.” Zach’s fingers grip my hips, digging into the flesh. “Even when it’s fast, hard, and completely out of control.” He leans forward so we’re chest to chest. He takes a fistful of my locks in his hands and tugs. “I’m always loving you.”

Oh my sweet God, I can’t deal when he calls her darlin’! Just imagining the Southern accent, damn! 😉 However, I also have to say this: Say You’ll Stay is not my favourite book by Corinne Michaels. Even though this was quite emotional on some points, I was expecting more drama, more tears if you will. Sometimes I did not connect with the moments as much as I expected but overall this was a good read for me! I love second-chance love stories and this was not an exception!

“Presley Benson, say you’ll stay.”
“I’ll stay with you forever.”

Therefore, my rating for Say You’ll Stay is, 4,25 STARS because Corinne definitely provided a fantastic love story, she introduced characters that I cannot wait to know more about and always with her brilliant writing style! And who can complain about hot cowboys? Not me! So, if you want to read a good second-chance love story with great characters, check this one out. I recommend it!



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