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Review: ‘Stealing Home’ by Nicole Williams

5 ‘My abnormal person’ Stars!

 photo Stealing Home - Nicole Williams_zpsegi7wvsw.png

I don’t know what has got into me but this is my fourth baseball-related book in a row! lol I am really loving the sports right now! So.. I discovered Stealing Home while doing its promotion on my blog page and I fell in love with the excerpts and teasers about this story. This is my first Nicole Williams book but I can say now it will not be the last!

Stealing Home is a stand-alone novel that tells the story of Luke Archer (the sexy and most famous baseball player in the Shock’s team and a man who does not care about rumors, he only wants one thing: Allie) and Allie Eden (the team’s newest athletic trainer who has recently gone through a break up and a woman who cares a lot about her work and is not ready to start a new relationship, especially with a player).

“You know how this game works. I know how.” He paused, letting that settle in the space between us. “You just have to decide if you want to play.”
“Because you have decided?”
His bat pressed deeper into my back, drawing me impossibly closer to his body. His arousal settled hard into the side of my stomach. “Doc, I’m already playing.”

What can I say about Stealing Home? I really enjoyed it! Nicole created a fantastic love story, with great main and secondary characters and a couple with loads of chemistry! I am really into sports romance right now and even if this one is on the lighter side of drama, I still loved it! I loved Nicole’s writing style and how she develops Luke and Allie’s relationship from a crazy-hot sexual chemistry to scenes full of emotion.

One kiss. One minute. I knew that if I let Luke Archer past my walls, he would consume me. I never would have guessed it could happen so quickly. So completely.
One taste. One touch. And he owned me.

“I want to know everything there is to know about you, Allie Eden.”

Obviously, as I previously mentioned, these two have very sexy scenes together. Luke Archer, you are a hell of a sexy player! The sex scenes are off-the-charts and when feelings and even rumors get involved it gets even better. That little drama at the end was the cherry on top for me, especially after everything gets solved! I mean, that whole chapter in the baseball field? And the epilogue? THE FEELS!

“Your head between my legs. My name on your back. Coming to this view,” he rasped, starting to pump his hips toward my mouth. “My life could go to shit after this, and I would still die a happy man fifty years from now.”

He’d done it—he’d stolen home.
Luke Archer had done more than that though. He’d stolen my heart too.

Therefore, my rating for Stealing Home is 5 STARS because I enjoyed everything about this book: the plot, the characters, that mysterious feeling to it and Luke and Allie’s hot relationship! I will be checking Nicole’s other books, for sure! So, if you want a light, with little drama but still so good sports romance? Check this one out, I highly recommend it!


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