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Review: ‘No Pants Required’ by Kim Karr

3.5 ‘Book Club’ Stars!

 photo No Pants Required - Kim Karr_zpssfgxzxxx.png

Let me just start by saying that I had pretty high expectations on this book because I loved Kim Karr’s Toxic. I was expecting a sexy, light, perfect for the summer read. And it kind of reached those expectations but not in the way I wanted, I suppose.

No Pants Required is a stand-alone novel that tells the story of Makayla Alexander, a good woman who says she has a boring life and wants to change that by moving from New York to sunny California) and Camden Waters (the super-hot and mysterious lifeguard that Makayla “met” in a very interesting situation and a man who does not expect to feel the way he feels when he starts spending time with his new neighbor).

“You’re a good girl—what are you doing in here with me?” he whispers, and the feel of his warm breath against my face sends shivers down my spine.
“Who said I’m a good girl?”
“Me,” he whispers.

I can definitely assure one thing about No Pants Required: it is SO HOT. You want a book full of off-the-charts sex? Check. A book with a dirty, dirty boy? Check. A book with summer vibes and that will leave you satisfied at the end? Check, check, check! This novel has all those good aspects. Makayla and Cam have a great and sexy chemistry, especially on the sex department! And have I mentioned these two have quite the tradition with a book called Summer’s Menage? Yep.

“So here’s how this going to go. First, I’m going to taste your sweet pussy and eat you like you are my last meal, and then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

“I’m seeing stars.”
“That was me, baby. All me.”
She flips around and smooths her dress, then runs a hand up my chest. “When you’re inside me I see more than just stars, I see planets and comets and the moon.”

It seems pretty clear, right? Cam is, definitely, a talented dirty talker 😉 However, I have to say there was more drama than I expected on this! Not that I mind it but I don’t know, this was not what I expected! Also, Makayla and Cam take quite a while to start being together TOGETHER and I obviously wanted more of them! Moreover, I did not feel much connected to both of them until almost the end of the book. Something just felt off for me. Still, it was a good summer read to pass the time!

“Makayla,” he says, “we’ve been seatmates, frenemies, book club partners, friends, teacher/student, and lovers, but I was hoping right now you could just be mine.”

You don’t love someone and set him free to see if he comes back to you.
You hold on tight and never let go.
And that’s just what I intend to do.

Therefore, my rating for No Pants Required is 3.5 STARS because I found it to be a good read with the perfect summer vibe in it! And with an extremely sexy lifeguard hero, who complains about that, right? But, as I said, for me it missed having more moments with the couple and more chemistry outside the bedroom! Still, if you want to read a book with less drama that will leave you feeling all good, check this one out!


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