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Review: ‘My Gym Desires’ and ‘My College Desires’ by O.M. Wills


3.5 ‘Sexy workout’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

It’s always good to find something short and sexy to read before or after a long read. Well, O.M. Wills delivered exactly that with this collection of short stories!

My Gym Desires is a set of three shorties from a man’s POV and all three have the same aspect in common: hot sex! We find different stories, all focused on a pair who have met at the gym. I think we all have this kind of fantasies while watching hot bodies, right? 😉

I quite enjoyed this book! The sex is definitely hot and I liked it, especially the last story (Assisting The Trainer). I found the first one was kinda sweet (The Lonely Writer) and the second one, called Out Matched, well for me.. it was a little bit awkward lol The writing style is good but it definitely needs time to get used to it. It not my favorite but I got it by the end!

So, my rating for My Gym Desires is 3.5 STARS because it was a quick and hot book to read between other kinds of novels. Want three different stories, with sexy times and funny moments? Check this one out!



3.75 ‘College fun’ Stars!

Copy kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Since I just finished my first O.M. Wills book and he also gifted me his other collection of shorties, I decided to read it too! This time, again, this author delivers two sexy college stories!

My College Desires is a set of two stories from a man’s POV and in this case, they are both focused in a college environment. Again, what do they have in common? The sex, of course! We get the stories of two young couples, exploring their bodies and having a good time together. I mean, college is a great place to have some sexy times! lol

I have to say, I enjoyed these stories a little bit more than the ones in My Gym Desires. The sex continues being smokin’ but I found the writing a little bit better. Maybe I just got used to it! I really enjoyed After Lab, the first story, because I always love friends who become lovers! And, the second story, A Man’s Darkest Secret, well.. as in the Gym collection, I found this one a little bit weird lol Still enjoyed it but (I don’t know how to explain it without giving it away) I have to say the first narrative was better for me!

So, my rating for My College Desires is 3.75 STARS because, again, this was a great way to pass the time and to read something quick and still hot! If you want to read two sexy college stories? Check this book out!



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