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Review: ‘Holding His Forever’ by Alexa Riley

5 ‘Strawberry or Mango’ Stars!


Another great addition to Alexa Riley’s shorties! It has been quite a while since I read something by these two lovely ladies and it was time to check it out again! And this made me fall in love all over again with their over-the-top love stories!

Holding His Forever is the story of Derek Phoenix (a hot firefighter that is haunted by the loss of his friends at work) and Fia Clover (a lonely young woman who struggles to pay her studies and everything changes for her when caveman Derek saves her from a fire in her building).

“Don’t leave me,” she whispers before closing her eyes and passing out.

I have to say, I found that Holding His Forever probably is one of the sweetest short stories Alexa Riley has ever written. Derek and Fia are so freaking cute together! Their love story seems quite like a fairy tale, really. And let me tell you, as always, the sex is super hot! AR never fails on that department!

“I’m not going anywhere, Derek. Just please don’t break my heart.”
“The only thing I plan on breaking is this headboard.”

Without taking my eyes off her pussy, I lick my lips. “This is fresh? Never been kissed?”
“Yes,” she whispers, […]
“My sweet Fia. I’m going to love every inch of you. Taste every inch.”

Mmmmm yes, me likey! 😉 I don’t know how these two ladies do it but they get me to love their shorties every time! I find their books a great way to pass the time between books and also to have something light and sexy to read after an exhausting reading experience.

“You’re my forever,” he whispers, and I’m safe.

Therefore, my rating for Holding His Forever is 5 STARS because I enjoyed the shit out of this short story! It’s super-sweet, with lovable main and secondary characters and a couple with amazing chemistry, who complains about that, right? So yeah, if you want a short but awesome way to pass the time, I highly recommend this book!



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