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Review: ‘Anything but Minor’ by Kate Stewart

5+ ‘No end’ Stars!

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This is my first book by Kate Stewart, can you believe it? I saw a while ago many of my friends/bloggers raving about Anything but Minor. Many of them gave this novel high ratings and let me tell you, now I understand why. I ADORED every single word of this!

Anything but Minor is the first installment of Kate’s Balls in Play series and it tells the story of Rafe ‘Bullet’ Hembrey (the hot and funny minor league baseball player that is now at his best to take a step further in his career and things get interesting when “Lesbian Alice” turns his world upside down) and Alice Boyd (a nerdy young woman and flight instructor who is ready to have the world at her feet after having a very lonely life; little does she know how certain playboy will change everything for her..).

“I’m not sure what you want me to think of you, Rafe.”
“I’m pretty sure I just want you to think of me, Alice.”

This book is the perfect rom com: it’s extremely funny, smart and smoking hot! Anything but Minor starts with a very engaging plot: a sports romance where the nerdy girl gets the forever-playboy to fall in love with her. Rafe and Alice have an out-of-this-world chemistry, the sexual tension is there from the beginning and their dialogues are full of banter. As the movie junkie that I am, can I say I loved all the movie references? I can totally identify myself with Alice lol This is the perfect love story, with a great outline and incredible main and secondary characters.

There was just something about her I couldn’t shake. Maybe it was her innocence, her honesty, or maybe it was just her.

“Don’t move. I’m going to take a shower and then undress you again.”
“Wow, we made you agreeable, too.”
“Stop referring to your junk as another entity, Rafe. It’s creepy.”
“We’ll shut you up again soon.”

I loved that our protagonists started as friends and not directly as lovers. Obviously, the tension between them started the first moment they see each other but I really enjoyed how their relationship developed. They give us extraordinary moments together and when they finally have sex, OH MY GOD. The sex was absolutely amazing and off-the-charts hot! And when you mix that with super-funny moments and strong feelings getting involved? Even freaking better!

“I, Alice Boyd.”
“I, Alice Boyd.”
“Do solemnly swear.”
“Do solemnly swear,” I said in a dull monotone.
“To praise the penis of Rafe Hembrey.”
“To praise the penis of Rafe Hembrey.”
“I promise to love, honor, and cherish his penis and only his penis.”
“Are you serious right now?”
“You called my penis Jake Ryan.”
“It’s the highest of compliments, I swear.”

“You were made for me. You fit me like a glove. I want you always to remember that.” He leaned in and sucked on my shoulder as his hot gaze burned me. “I love you. I love your body. I love being inside this pussy. You. Are. Everything. My everything.”

These two are so sexy and hilarious! And.. can I have Rafe Hembrey please? Pretty please? I am so in love/lust with this man, seriously! I love when a novel makes me fall in love with the characters and when it makes me feel every emotion possible and this did it for me: I laughed, I cried and I did everything in between too lol Anything but Minor is one of my favorite reads this year and my favorite comedy, for sure! I cannot wait for the next book!

“What has gotten into you, Rafe Hembrey?”
“I’m happy. For the first time in a long time, I’m happy. You showed me what it looks like and then you became a reason.”

Therefore, I am rating Anything but Minor with 5+ STARS: there was no single doubt that I would be rating it with my special 6 star rating because it definitely deserves it! I felt everything with this book, I loved the writing style and how Kate developed the plot and the love story! Who complains about that? Who complains about Rafe Hembrey and all the fantastic moments he gave us with Alice? Not me! So, of course, I highly HIGHLY recommend it!



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