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ARC Review: ‘Unrefined’ by Nicole Dykes

4 ‘Purple paint job’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Yes, again, after only two months, Nicole Dykes releases a new novel! First she gave us Dylan and Luke Monroe and now it’s time for the hot tattoed Jax. I have been waiting for his story since we meet him in Unsocial and now we got it! It’s definitely different from the other two stories in this series but still great in its way.

Unrefined is the third book in the Monroe series but it can also be read as a stand-alone (even though I highly recommend reading Unsocial and Unbridled first). This is the story of Jackson ‘Jax’ Garrett (Dylan Monroe’s best friend and business partner, a man who has been suffering for a long time and has become a playboy who is not looking to find the love of his life) and Charlotte Warner (she is the completely opposite of Jax: a woman who comes from money, married to a man who is more worried about him being a senator than anything else and everything changes when she meets the man who will customize her new car).

“We all need an escape sometimes Charlotte.”

I know that after our close call last night, I probably shouldn’t be here. In fact, I should stay far away, but I can’t.
And not only because she’s a client.

As I previously mentioned, Unrefined is quite different from the other two novels in this series. Now we are faced with two people who are completely different but still have a inevitable connection. Charlotte is a devoted wife, a woman used to a rich lifestyle and a quite innocent person when it comes to relationships. And Jax is nothing alike: he comes from a poor background and he has gained everything he has by himself and his best friend’s help. I really enjoyed how Nicole developed this story. I have to say I was surprised when I realized Jax would not be with Alex but I have to say Charlotte is a good addition to the Monroe family!

I want to go back to her house, take her upstairs and show her how fun fucking can be, but I can’t.
I’m so fucking tired of can’t and shouldn’t.

Maybe every shitty thing that has happened up to this point was all leading me right here with her.

Of course, Jackson is my favorite thing in this book! He is so protective, a good friend when Charlotte needs it and a great lover when they finally get together! I do have to say that, for me, they spend too much time being friends but I also get it because Charlotte was still not sure what to do with her life. And maybe that is why I did not enjoy Unrefined as much as I enjoyed Unbridled, I felt a stronger connection with Hannah than with Charlotte. She needed to learn to become independent and that took quite a lot of time. Still, the development of the love story and the chemistry was fantastic!

“Stay with me Charlotte. I know you are scared, but don’t run.”
“You don’t understand being scared. You haven’t been afraid a day in your life, you’re the bravest person I know.”
“I’ve been scared every day since I met you.”

How not to love Jax, right? And I am so happy that Nicole continues improving her writing style and with the Monroes stories, this family has a special place in my heart! You all know how much I enjoy having a big happy family involved! I really enjoyed having some small scenes with the other two couples and with the whole family, of course. I cannot wait for the next story, which I am pretty sure will be Cassie’s!

“I love you Jackson Garrett and now the possibilities are endless.”

Therefore, my rating for Unrefined is 4 STARS because, again, Nicole gave her readers a great hero and a fabulous love story! As I said, I felt more connected to Luke and Hannah’s story but still this was a great read for me. I am sure Nicole has more surprises for us regarding all the other characters that she introduced in the Monroe series, I can’t wait! And thank you again Nicole for giving me the opportunity to read this before releasing!


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