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Review: ‘Mid-Life Love’ and ‘At Last’ by Whitney G. Williams


4.25 ‘ML’ Stars!

Whitney G. strikes again! I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time and I really REALLY enjoyed it! Damn, I love this author’s books so much! I fell in love with her Reasonable Doubt series and dirty-mouthed Andrew and now she made me love Jonathan too (not as much as Andrew though! lol He still is my favorite!).

I’d never been kissed like he was kissing me; it felt like I was having sex—with my mouth.

Definitely, what I loved the most about Mid-Life Love is Jonathan Statham: he is so bossy, protective, dirty and extremely sexy alpha, and I totally dig that! But I have to say, Claire was just okay for me. She is quite annoying and her infantile behavior got on my nerves.. I does not affect me that she is older than Jonathan but she got a little annoying about that sometimes! Still, these two together have out-of-this-world chemistry so that surpassed my feelings towards the heroine.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”
“Stop…Stop talking…”
“Tell me you’re mine.” I could tell she was about to cum; she was biting down on her lip and shaking her head. “Tell me right now.”
“Yes…Yes…” She let go and fell back onto her pillows, “yours.”

See what I mean? The sex is SO HOT! However, I also felt the ending was a bit rushed (still good but rushed) but I see there is a second book so I am so excited to start it, RIGHT NOW! 😉 I am giving Mid-Life Love a rating of 4.25 STARS, almost all because of Jonathan! lol Whitney writes the most amazing heroes ❤ So if you want a romance full of sexy times and light drama, you should check this one out! I totally recommend it!



4.75 ‘At Last’ Stars!

I had to read this as soon as I finished Mid-Life Love, that is how good it was for me! Whitney G. is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors since she creates this amazing stories and characters! I mean, I love how dirty her heroes are! lol Can I have both, Jonathan AND Andrew? 😉

So, At Last is the continuation of Jonathan and Claire’s love story. Actually, this book starts with the epilogue that I missed having in Mid-Life Love and I freaking adored it! Now the main couple is getting married and the book focuses on their life as they prepare everything for it!

“This is the biggest deal of my life and it’s worth much more than my company or any other billion dollar deal that’s come across my desk. And I can’t go another day without knowing.” I pulled the eighteen carat ring out of my pocket. “I want you to be mine—officially. I want you to be Claire Statham.”

I happened to like Claire more in this book, even though she was so obsessed with everything wedding related. I love how Jonathan is able to make her forget about it and just center on what they feel for each other! I mean, he has some pretty good strategies to do that, right? He is just SO sexy and dirty-mouthed, me likey!

I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before…

Besides that, there is only one aspect that threw me off: Ryan’s appearance and everything that happens after that. He is so dramatic. I mean I understand how difficult the situation is, of course, but wanting Claire involved in it? I mean, he freaking cheated on her: let her be happy, man! I just wanted Claire and Jonathan to have their much deserved happy ending, and they do! I cried my eyeballs out at the end, I loved it so much!

“At last…” Jonathan sang into my ear in perfect pitch. “My love has come along…”

Therefore, my rating for At Last is 4.75 STARS. I know, why not 5 stars? Well this was almost a perfect read for me, almost. As I said, there is some things that annoyed me a little bit but apart from that I loved the continuation of Claire and Jonathan’s love story! I really like Whitney’s writing style and I can’t wait to read more of hers: I hope she does publish Twisted Love (Jonathan’s sister story), I cannot wait! So if you want a romance full of sexy times, a couple that love each other like crazy and not much drama, you should check this one out! I highly recommend it!


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