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ARC Review: ‘Turbulence’ by Whitney G. Williams

4.5 ‘My Anomaly’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

It has been a while since Whitney G released a new book. As you may know she had some obstacles along the way but now she is back and better than ever!! And let me tell you, what a great way to come back with this absolutely fantastic and extremely erotic novel!

Turbulence is a standalone story and it introduces a new theme for this writer: the air world. This fiction is a magnificent taboo love story between an experienced sexy pilot (Jake C. Weston) and a new flight attendant (Gillian Taylor) who work for the same company and they find themselves going against the rules and start a torrid and messed up love affair.

In my world, a connection was a temporary lull in an itinerary, a short-term flight that eventually led to a final destination and nothing more. The word itself was fleeting, never final, and it never applied to relationships.

I love this woman’s writing, love love LOVE it! With Turbulence, Whitney continues giving her readers what they found while reading Reasonable Doubt: an incredibly passionate, full of all types of emotions love story. You will fall again for her new dirty and mysterious hero and sassy heroine; you will fall so hard for this forbidden sexy Mile High Club novel.

“We’ll share our bodies, not our lives.” He lowered his voice as his thumb softly stroked my clit. “That’s all I can ever give to you. That’s all I ever will give to you.”

“You’re not good for me… But I like you anyway…”

Again, we encounter a hero who does not want to be in a relationship, who enjoys a lot of sex and who happens to have a secret that will provoke quite a lot of obstacles between him and the heroine. But, as we read, we can see that he is not the only one hiding something. I really enjoyed how Whit developed the story, especially Gillian’s part towards the end. I do not want to spoil it! lol It was just brilliant!

“You don’t need to like me to fuck me,” he said. “You just need to like fucking me.” He stepped closer, letting his forehead touch mine. “And from the way you still come every time we meet up, it’s clear you still like that.”

And, of course, the chemistry between the main couple, as with all Whit’s characters: off-the-charts hot. Damn this book and damn Jake freaking Weston! I mean, it’s very VERY difficult to beat Andrew Hamilton and his dirty mouth and I can definitely say Jake is just as hot as him 😉 Still, Andrew continues being my favorite, after all he made me fall in love with Whitney’s work. This woman knows how to write amazing sex scenes!

“I want you to watch how fucked up we both are… How we need this…”
As the red light from the phone continued to blink, and the sound of our skin slapping against each other filled the room, Jake whispered, “This is why I can’t stay away from you, Gillian… This is exactly why…”

Moreover, as you can imagine by the title of the book, it’s not all sexy times (even though, there is lots of that!). Jake and Gillian find difficulties along the way and this made this book even more thrilling for me. I don’t know how she does it but this author knows how to mix and create wonderful love stories with plenty of smoking hot sex and plenty of emotional scenes. I have to say, sometimes I did not understand the characters decisions and I also missed having an epilogue because the ending felt a little bit rushed to me. Besides that, I really enjoyed Turbulence!

“You’re still my anomaly, Gillian,” he said softly. “You always will be.”

Therefore, my rating for Turbulence is 4.5 STARS because it just felt good to have a new story by this amazingly talented writer. She has created a wonderful love story, with ups and downs between the couple and as always, out-of-this-wold sex scenes! Thank you Whit for the ARC, I really love you for it! lol 😉 So, if you want to enjoy just what I said and you want to fall in love with Jake and Gillian, check this book out, I highly recommend it!


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