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Review: ‘Bad Judgement’ by Meghan March

5 ‘Pez Love’ Stars!

Let’s just start by saying how different (and still in the same style) this book is from all the others I have read by Meghan March. I love a well-developed story and Bad Judgement definitely filled my expectations on that (and everything else). Definitely not complaining on the HOT cover and.. me loves the slow burning and the moment it exploded between this couple! This book has become my new favorite by March, that’s for sure.

Bad Judgement is a stand-alone novel and Meghan’s first New Adult book (well done, girl!). It tells the story of Justine Porter (a law student focused on her studies, especially now that she has just lost her scholarship, and also on avoiding certain hot playboy who will not stop until he gets her) and Ryker Grant (said hottie who is very happy to know he is now being tutored by the girl he wants and a young man that comes from a rich family, a family with secrets).

“You’re scared. Afraid you might actually want what I want, and that’s why you keep shooting me down.”

I need to remind her how fucking good we could be together. If that kiss was anything to go by, when we get naked, we’ll be explosive.

This novel is described as an enemies-to-lovers story but I have to say, these two are not exactly enemies. Ryker wants to own the avoiding Justine and Justine is just afraid of what will happen if he let’s him in. Everything changes when the heroine is practically forced to start tutoring Ryker and she starts falling for him (let me remind you that she wanted him since the beginning).

“We come. We study. We leave.”
“If we were doing this my way, you’d definitely be coming.”

“I want to taste you. Touch you. Make you come harder than you’ve ever come before. I want this wet pussy in my mouth. On my tongue. I want you to come on my face this time.”

Yep, if you have read Meghan March’s works before you know you are getting one smokin’ hot, dirty talking hero. I am seriously in love with this story and how the chemistry between the main characters developed. The sexual tension and the sex scenes were so SO GOOD. The steam, the descriptions, the dirty talking.. I loved everything! And as always, it’s even better when feelings get mixed in between.

I’m going to have her every way I’ve ever imagined. She’s mine now, whether she realizes it or not.

I can have everything I want, the guy and my degree, but I’m going to have to work for them both.

Besides the overwhelming chemistry between these two, I really enjoyed the story as a whole. In other words, how it’s developed in the law world, how Justine fights for what she wants, how Ryker adapts to the situations and all the different moments between them. We got scenes of all types: funny, sexy, sad, dramatic.. You all know how I enjoy a little bit of everything! And the epilogue was so sweet, I really wanted more of Ryker and Justine together!

I belong to him. I’ve found my place, and it’s not a where. It’s a who.

Therefore, my rating for Bad Judgement is 5 STARS because Meghan created a wonderful love story in the New Adult world and she nailed it! Great plot, fantastic characters who gave us lots of memorable moments and a couple with off-the-charts chemistry, who can complain about that? I highly HIGHLY recommend this!



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