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Review: ‘Playboy Pilot’ by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

4.75 ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ Stars!

 photo Playboy Pilot - Ward amp Keeland_zpspogppgt8.png

These two women together.. seriously. Seriously AMAZING. Once again, they have written an outstanding work that will not leave you indifferent! I am always waiting impatiently for these authors releases because even though I love them separately, together they are explosive. And.. can we just stop for a moment an say they know how to choose super-hot models for covers? YUM!

Playboy Pilot is the third novel co-written by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland. As you may know, it belongs to a series of standalones but I highly recommend reading the other too books because SO GOOD!

Now, this story is about Kendall Sparks a.k.a Perky (a heiress that wants to stop thinking about her situation for a few days but she does not know how this “vacation” will change everything forever) and Carter C. Clynes (the sexy stranger Kendall meets in the airport who happens to be the pilot of her flight and who will become so much more for her).

“My layover just got more interesting.” […] “How was your flight, Perky? Did you enjoy the ride I gave you?”

My whole life had been a series of following down paths that someone had set me on. It was time I picked my own path, no matter which it was.

What a ride these two gave us, especially Carter! 😉 I loved this book, I love these two fantastic authors that are able to gave us all the feels and emotions possible. Ward and Keeland’s writing is simply outstanding, I love how their stories flow and how they develop the relationships between their characters. I have to say though, I really loved Carter, but when I started reading this I knew it would be pretty difficult to made me love him more than I love my Stuck-Up Suit!

“We’re both fucked up. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe we see a little of ourselves in each other. We’re two wrongs that somehow make a right. Inseparable we’re miserable, but together…we somehow work.”

“Carter? What are you doing?”
“Do you always breathe like that when you’re praying?”
“It’s an intense prayer.”

I really love how these two authors build their love stories: how we meet the characters, how they feel about each other and how they act on those feelings. Carter and Kendall are beautiful together, incredibly funny, so emotional and oh-my-god SO HOT. Of course, as always with these women’s books, my favorite aspect about Playboy Pilot is (Carter! lol) the love relationship and how it’s developed. I love how they give us lovely and sexy moments and how they always surprise us!

“Come fly with me, beautiful.”

Sinking into her was euphoria. Her tight pussy stretched for me with every inch deeper that I moved inside of her. Unable to resist, I fucked her hard at a desperate pace. It was the rawest, most spontaneous sex I’d ever experienced.

Yes, this book is definitely smokin’ hot. Mix this with some angst, some drama and fabulous storytelling and boom! You got Playboy Pilot. As always, everything came to a beautiful (and super-adorable!) conclusion at the end and I am just so excited to see what is coming next!

“I’ve stopped running. And there’s no better place to stop than where it all started.”

Therefore, my rating for Playboy Pilot is 4.75 (I know.. lol) because Penelope and Vi have done it again and they have given us another magnificent love story with a wonderfully complex couple and full of all types of moments. Still, I have to say my favorite still is Stuck-Up Suit but this was just as entertaining! So, if you haven’t check this out or these authors other collabs togehter, please do it, I totally recommend it 🙂


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