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Review: ‘Say You Want Me’ by Corinne Michaels

5 ‘Faith’ Stars!

This book.. OH MY GOD, THIS BOOK. What an emotional roller coaster Corinne Michaels has delivered, again! I really really enjoyed Say You’ll Stay but I have to say it: Say You Want Me is even better! Holy crap, that was an intense read. And heartbreaking. And so beautiful!

Wyatt wouldn’t be a man I could come back from. I can see in his eyes the way he’ll own my heart and soul. If I give them to him, they will be his forever.

So, this novel can be read as a standalone but I strongly recommend reading Zach and Presley’s love story too. I totally did not expect the premise of Say You Want Me, I was definitely surprised how Corinne developed it. I am not saying what it is because it surely is a major spoiler. Just saying that Wyatt and Angie had an extremely hot sexfest one night and now they seem to be ready for more (or not.. you have to read it and see for yourself!).

“I don’t know what to say.”
“Say you want me.”

“Your words are your truth.”
“And my heart is yours.”
And mine is yours.

This woman knows how to write extremely touching love stories and swoony worthy heroes. Wyatt and Angie are perfect together. We get a mix of everything with them: funny, sexy and sad moments. As I said, this got extremely emotional to the point that I was crying my eyeballs out. I love when books are able to make me feel so much.

“I can’t breathe without you, Angie.”

He fought for me.
He loves me.
I love him.

So, my rating for Say You Want Me is 5 STARS because it sure deserves it! Wyatt stole my heart since the first moment I read about him and Angie is the perfect match for him. Loved this book so much! And I can definitely assure I cannot wait for the next book which will be about Trent and Grace, so excited! Especially after the bits and pieces that we have seen about them. Want a sweet, sexy and super-emotional love story? I strongly recommend this one!


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