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Review: ‘Mister O’ by Lauren Blakely

5 ‘Princess & Mister O’s Adventures’ Stars!

I really NEEDED to catch up with the books that I missed reading by Lauren Blakely (especially after reading Big Rockand The Sexy One). Even though these male POV novels are created as standalones, when I read The Sexy One I got really curious about Nick and Harper because they appear there several times.

“Princess Clueless, you’re about to get an education in all the things you’re oblivious to.”

Well, now I can definitely say that Lauren is becoming one of my favorite writers when it comes to reading anything from a male POV. You are freaking talented, woman! I am enjoying this books so much. They are extremely funny, entertaining and off-the-charts hot! In this case, it was the time for Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday: we met them in Big Rock since they are the best friend and the sister of the male protagonist (Spencer).

I want to look into someone’s eyes and feel like he knows me, gets me, understands me. I want him to see my quirks and accept them, not try to change them. I want to know what that’s like.

I am so utterly fucked with this girl. And I don’t just mean fucked in that way. I mean it in every way.

I loved Mister O. I loved Nick and Harper. I loved they have this mega awesome jobs. I loved having a sassy heroine. I loved having a loving and sexy hero. I loved the plot. I loved the main and secondary characters. I loved the kick-ass chemistry between the couple. I loved the ending. I loved EVERYTHING!

She’s the most beautiful sight ever—mostly undressed and fucked senseless… by me.

“I love you, and your dirty cartoons, and your crazy brain, and the fact that you see me as a mechanic even though I’m a magician.”

So yeah, if you haven’t read anything by this amazing author, I strongly recommend you do! I am rating Mister Owith 5 STARS because it definitely deserves it! I am pretty sure I will be starting Wyatt Hammer’s book next, so excited about it! So excited about all Lauren’s upcoming releases too! Check Lauren’s books out, you will not regret it I can assure you that!


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