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Review: ‘The Sexy One’ by Lauren Blakely

5+ ‘Eagle Cam Love’ Stars!

Yeah. Just after a month of reading it, I just reread The Sexy One. Why? Well because I freaking loved it so much and since I did a kind of Lauren Blakely marathon this weekend this was the perfect way to end it!

As I said before, Lauren’s books are a masterpiece of male POV stories! And well, in this case, in this book we got dual POV which I absolutely love too! The Sexy One tells the story of Simon Travers and Abby Becker, also known as the hottest single dad on Earth and the nanny of the cutest girl ever.

“If you looked up ‘hot single dad’ in the dictionary, you’d find his picture.”

We met them in Mister O since Harper (the female protagonist) had a little crush on Simon (for a short time!) and Abby happens to be her best friend. I previously mentioned how much I am loving reading these books. Lauren is extremely talented and always delivers books full of banter, funny and sexy times!

“This is bad,” he says firmly, his breath coming heavily. But then, he’s not so certain at all. “Is this bad?”
“Yes,” I answer quickly. “It’s bad. But it’s so good.”
“God, it’s so good,” he rasps, then devours my lips again.

I want him to be looking at me, longing for me, falling for me.
Because I’m in so deep with him.

Besides that, what I enjoyed the most about The Sexy One is, OF COURSE, Simon. Simon, Simon, Simon.. As Abby says, the love he feels for his daughter makes him even hotter. And all their moments together are adorable! I love the family part in this book and I also loved the development of Simon and Abby’s love story. So beautiful and hot!

“I’m in love with you.” […]“I’ve been falling in love with you since the day we met,”

Simon doesn’t fill a void. He makes my life richer.

I can now say from the four books I have read on this standalone series, The Sexy One is my favorite. And I cannot wait for all the other upcoming releases! Therefore, I am rating this book with my especial 6 STARS because there wasn’t a single thing I did not love about this love story. So yeah, if you haven’t read anything by this amazing woman, I strongly recommend you do, you will not regret it!


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