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ARC Review: ‘Major Love’ by Kate Stewart

5 ‘Trust in Me’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author via The Hype PR in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Major Love - Kate Stewart_zpsahohalzv.png

Kate Stewart, you amazing woman, you did it! AGAIN! Holy hell guys, this was definitely worth the wait! I fell in love with this woman’s writing when I read Anything but Minorback in July (which is, for sure, one of my favorite books this year) and I was extremely excited to read Andy’s story. It. Was. Beautiful.

Major Love is the second installment of the Balls in Play series and, as I said, it tells the story of Andrew ‘Andy’ Pracht (Rafe’s best friend, a man currently destroyed by the departure of who believed to be the woman of his dreams and that is why he is pretty drunk when he meets his actual soul mate) and April Turner (a sassy woman who has been hurt by men and the consequences of her job but everything changes when she falls in love, almost instantly, with Rafe’s brokenhearted best man).

“You have a big heart, beautiful?”
“I hope so.”
“You want to give it to me?” […] “It’s never that easy, is it?”
“I’m pretty sure I don’t know right now.”

So I have to say, to me Rafe is the epitome of the best book boyfriend ever and I kind of was expecting not to feel the same about Andy. Well, as I said, Kate is a genius because she made me fall in love with Andy too! I FLOVED Anything but Minor (still is my favorite) but Major Love was totally amazing. It had the perfect plot, the perfect couple and the perfect moments. It was funny, sexy-as-hell and intensely emotional, that’s why I loved every word of it.

“I don’t have shit to offer you right now. Both my head and heart are toast. But I can give you friendship and the longest, hardest fuck of your life. So if that’s an invitation I think I see in your eyes, I will gladly fucking accept.”

I loved the development of the love story, how it started (so sweet, even though I kinda hated that Andy did not remember it!) and how it progressed to another fantastic relationship. Andy and April together are hilarious, sugary sweet and hot AF. And by that I mean, HOT HOT HOT. Damn, this woman knows how to write the sexy times! And the emotional ones too… Major Love gave me ALL THE FEELS!

Baseball was home. It was heaven, no matter how much I resented it at times from taking me away from my other home, which resided in the arms and eyes of April Turner.

And what is even better than a good story with a couple that has crazy chemistry? Well, a fabulous group of secondary characters, of course! I loved seeing more of Rafe (Yum! Can’t get over this man!) and Alice, more of other characters we meet in the first book and also meet new characters such as April’s family or the player’s in Andy’s team. It left me wondering.. will we get more books on this series? Because I am totally ready for them! Kate, pretty please, write more sports romance with these great characters that you have created!

He was there, all of him, and had been all along, and I was the woman who had won him by keeping his promise…and mine.

Therefore, my rating for Major Love is 5 STARS simply because Kate is a freaking genius and made me fall in love with her characters and love stories all over again. Who complains about a story that gives you all the feels possible? Not me, ladies! I can’t wait for more (I do hope we get more! lol). So, if you still haven’t read this book or this series, GO. READ. NOW! You will not regret it, I can assure you that!


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