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Review: ‘Prime Minister’ by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller

4 ‘Would You Be My Girl’ Stars!

I’ve been wanting to read this for quite some time and it was definitely a good read! I’ve read Ainsley Booth’s books before so I knew this would be hot AF. Boy, it was that and so much more!

Prime Minister is the first installment in the Frisky Beaversseries that Ainsley is co-writing together with Sadie Haller. It tells the forbidden love story between Gavin (the Prime Minister of Canada) and Ellie (one of his very-young interns).

“Gavin. You can call me Gavin.”
“I’m pretty sure I can’t,” I laugh, turning my head to the side in embarrassment.
“You need to, because this sir thing is killing us both and it’s only been a week.”

Holy hell, this was intense! So freaking sexy and on the kinky side, for sure. Gavin is a Dom and Ellie loves to be his bad girl 😉 I loved the characters and the presentation of the love story: as I said, their chemistry is off-the-charts but it’s also mixed with some drama and sweetness.

“You’re bent over my bed, dripping wet because I’m spanking you. And you like it.”
Another whisper.
My cock throbs as I lean over her. “What was that?”
“I love it,” she says more clearly.

I’m so lost. I don’t know how I got here, and I have no interest in finding my way back to wherever it is I was.

Still I have to say I did not enjoy how Ellie behaves when (view spoiler). If you follow me, you probably know I am not a major fan of those types of scenes but this particular one made me feel a little uncomfortable. Also, I found the ending a little bit rushed (I always miss having epilogues! lol).

This is love, and it’s forever.

Besides that I really enjoyed Prime Minister and I am totally excited to read all the other stories! So, my rating is 4 STARS because I found this a very good start to this exciting series!



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