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Review: ‘So Twisted’ by Melissa Marino

3.5-4 ‘Pancake beans’ Stars!

Melissa Marino is a new author to me but I decided to check out her new book because who does not love a hot single dad, am I right? Well, I got more than I expected! lol This was definitely hot, and cute but it was, as the title says, SO twisted.

What started off as me simply hiring a nanny was turning into something much different.

I quite enjoyed the love story between Aaron and Callie. It started pretty great, with an adorable little girl mixed in there and with crazy chemistry when they started the sexy times. But towards the end.. BOOM! A twist I was kind of expecting but it was stronger than I thought it would be.

“No one is here. No one can hear you,” he said while increasing his pressure and tempo. “I want you to come for me. I want to hear how good I make you feel.”

I loved him, but I hated what we did to each other.

Things got pretty messed up (and emotional!) for some time and I do not get how stubborn these two were to accept their mistakes. Of course, they get their HEA at the end (which was pretty good but a little bit rushed to me!).

“You see that?” he asked.
“That’s my future in the mirror.”

Still, I really enjoyed So Twisted so I am giving it 3.5-4 STARS! It for sure made me curious to read the next story about Abel (Aaron’s brother) and Evelyn (Callie’s BFF) so I will be waiting for that one. I am glad I gave Melissa’s novel a go because I totally want to read the next book in this series!



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