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Review: ‘Someone Like You’ by Lauren Layne

5 ‘Say Anything’ Stars!


If you’ve been following Lauren Layne for some time and have read her Oxford series, I am pretty sure you were expecting this book like crazy since Lincoln made his first appearence in Irresistibly Yours. I love Lauren Layne, love love love her so I had insanely high expectations for this and that is not always good because sometimes books do not reach said expectations. Well, this was not the case. Lincoln’s story was everything I expected it to be! Thank you LL because you are simply a genius!

Someone like You is the third installment in the Oxford series and it can be considered the last regarding this series and the Stiletto books too (even though Lauren is writing a fourth spin-off Oxford novel).

As I said, we met Lincoln Mathis at the start of the series and he is known to be the funny and sexy playboy of the group. But, there have always been mysteries around him that made us think he is not what he appears to be. Daisy Sinclair (we met her in the Stiletto series) is broken too. She is a just divorced woman, still affected by how her marriage ended and she is not expecting to feel what she feels when she is around Lincoln. Both of them do not expect to slowly heal each other.

“Divorced, damaged, and ever so fragile. You? Why is it that you’re to be avoided?”
“Consummate playboy, intriguingly unattainable, with just a dash of dangerous secrets.”

Lauren Layne is one of my favorite authors since I read the first Oxford novel and she definitely did not disappoint with Someone like You. It was what I expected and so much more. It’s the story of two broken souls (especially Lincoln) that slowly piece the shattered pieces of their hearts together. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will just say these two totally deserved to find their HEA after everything they suffered. My poor heart broke for Lincoln when we discovered the whole truth and for Daisy too. I totally cried my eyeballs out with this book and I loved every second of it!

“It’ll eat you alive if you go there.”
“I think it already is.”

This book has the perfect plot and the perfect characters. Both main and secondary (I loved seeing all the Oxford/Stiletto team again!!) are just a fantastic mix of outstanding characters. I love how Lauren writes their connections, how she keeps everyone together and how she develops the love story. I totally get why this relationship developed even more slowly than the other ones that she has written but I also missed having more moments of Lincoln and Daisy as a couple. Still, it was such a beautiful read that I can’t complain when we got Lauren at her best.

Did Lincoln know that the more he put her back together again, the more power he had to break her heart?

As always, when it gets to the first kiss part and the sex part, holy hell woman! LL knows how to write those for sure! She makes you feel all the feels, all the butterflies and everything else with her words. Lincoln and Daisy have great chemistry, as friends and as a couple. They are definitely on my top favorite couples by Lauren Layne!

“If I did it, Wallflower, if I felt that way again, it would be about someone like you.”

This woman. It took nothing but the taste of her mouth to turn him into a starving man who couldn’t get enough.

Damn, I am going to miss all these fantastic characters. SO MUCH! The friendships, the familiarity and the love relationships are one of the things Lauren writes best. She made me love all these people so much that it will be hard saying goodbye. But, I loved how she wrote the ending and how she involved everyone in it! It was absolutely brilliant.

“Give me one more chance. Just one more chance, love. My love.”

Therefore, my rating for Someone like You is 5 STARS because Lincoln’s story definitely reached the high expectations I had for it. As I said, I missed having more ‘couple’ moments but I get it too: they had to heal first. I really really will miss these characters but I am sure Lauren will write more amazing people in the future and I can’t wait! So, if you are LL fan you can’t miss this book, like READ IT right now! It was so good, I highly recommend it!



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