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Review: ‘Becoming Her’ Series by K. Webster

4.5 ‘Becoming Ladies’ Stars!

It’s been such a long time since I read historical romance. Yesterday I was in the mood and I found this series of novellas on my TBR and I decided to give it a go! I have enjoyed K. Webster in the past so I was pretty excited about it, and she did not disappoint. This woman tries everything and she is goooooood!

I really enjoyed the Becoming Her series. It’s all around three sisters and how they find their happy ever afters with their handsome men. There was lots of sexy moments, some drama and emotional times too, so it was perfect for me!

Becoming Lady Thomas – 5 ‘Honeysuckle’ Stars!
This was definitely my favorite of the three stories: Elisabeth is waiting for her beloved return so she can marry him but everything changes when she discovers her father has a debt with Lord Thomas. Jasper Thomas has been obsessed with her since he saw her and he will not stop until seducing her! This was lighter on the drama and stronger on the emotions so that’s why I loved it even more. And who complains about a hot lord, am I right? 😉

Becoming Countess Dumont – 4.5 ‘Dear Wife’ Stars!
Well, this one was extremely different from the first one, that’s for sure! I started hating both MCs because Edith was such a bad sister to Elisabeth and Alexander behaves like a complete jerk. They have a marriage of convenience and both have lovers the first 6 months of their marriage. The thing is: they are attracted to each other since the first moment! I do not get their behavior sometimes but when they fall in love, they are absolutely adorable and sexy!

Becoming Mrs. Benedict – 4 ‘My Free Angel’ Stars!
This is the last story and it’s about the youngest Merriweather sister and Alexander’s younger brother. Ella is taking care of her father and suddenly she finds herself kidnapped by William (Elisabeth’s ex-fiancée). Ella has to deal with difficult circumstances but she became a kick-ass heroine! She definitely gets her revenge against William and if that also involves falling in love with Alcott, the protective and sexy man that will do everything to have her, who am I to complain? However, I have to say, it was the story that I enjoyed less because being a novella, I expected to have more moments between the MCs. But the ones they have, they are insanely good!

So, my rating for the Becoming Her series (as a whole) is 4.5 STARS because I enjoyed these love three stories so much! I missed HR and this was a great way to go back to it! It was a fantastic experience full of emotional and super-sexy moments! If you are into erotic historical romance, I highly recommend chekcing out these novellas!


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