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Review: ‘Everything for Her’ by Alexa Riley

4 ‘Man behind the curtain’ Stars!

Who doesn’t know Alexa Riley by now? Let me tell you something about them, just in case. They are two amazing women that write smutty, OTT short stories. They are pretty famous on the novella genre but now, finally, they gave us what many have been asking for: a full-lenght novel! And it was great start on this new stage in their career.

Everything for Her is the first installment in AR’s new series called For Her and it tells the story of Mallory Sullivan and Miles Osbourne a.k.a Oz. Now this is no exception to what is normal in AR’s stories: it has a couple that falls instantly, a protective alpha male, lots of sexy times and always a HEA. Oz has been obsessed with Mal since he first laid eyes on her and he has drawn her path to him since the beginning. Mallory falls for him too but there are obvious obstacles between them.

No one knows it’s been me behind the curtain, pulling the strings. I’ve constructed everything in our lives so that at the perfect moment, I could have her.
The time has come.

Well, this is definitely AR style! These two ladies do not disappoint with their first novel, especially if you enjoyed their short stories before. Oz is their typical alpha but now we get to see the whole thing. Miles is determined to claim Mallory, he puts himself in her path, she starts working in his company (without her knowing anything about it) and it’s impossible for her not to fall in love.

You tasted like peaches when I sucked you off my finger this morning, and it’s all I’ve wanted since. So I had peach cobbler for lunch.

Of course, as you can imagine, the chemistry between the main characters is off-the-charts! Alexa Riley knows how to write the sexy times! Miles is a dirty talker and Mal is a sassy heroine! The man always takes care of his sweet Mallory 😉 The sex is quite frequent but it mixes well with the whole love story and all the other moments we get with the other characters.

“I’ll take care of you, baby. I take care of everything.” His hands come up to brush the damn hair out of my face as he licks my neck. “You’re mine, Mallory. I’ll never let you go.”

Now, here probably comes the only thing that stopped me from rating this with a higher rating: Miles himself. I do love AR’s alphas but I feel like Oz was the epitome of OTT hero. He did seem, to me, like a full-on stalker sometimes. It’s different when that happens in a shortie: it’s all fast and I am used to it. But when it happens in a novel? I don’t know, sometimes Miles’ behavior was too much for me.

“All I’ve ever wanted from the moment I laid eyes on you was to give you everything.”

Of course, leaving that aside, Miles is perfect and so sweet! Now, what I also enjoyed about having a novel is that we get to know the characters better, that we get awesome secondary characters (I can’t wait to read Paige’s book!) and a plot that involves a secret. Imagine Mal’s reaction when she discovers everything: she does not take it well! I was quite surprised with all of that and I really enjoyed it!

“I’m your weak spot?” I’m not sure how I feel about that. Should I be offended?
“You’re my everything,” he says simply.

And here is the thing: Alexa Riley always give her readers a HEA. Well, this was their ultimate one because we got 4 FREAKING EPILOGUES in Everything for Her. FOUR! I loved it! We get to see Miles and Mallory in different stages in their lives together and I loved having that!

We’ve created something so perfect that it can never be touched. Not by our pasts or by anything around us. Our intimacy has sealed our bond, and my soul is forever entwined with hers.

Therefore, my rating for Everything for Her is 4 STARS because it was such a great start for AR in the full-lenght novel territory! I loved these characters and this love story and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series (which will be about Paige and Captain America lol). So, if you enjoyed anything by these two ladies in the past, be sure to check out their first novel!


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