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Review: ‘Sexual Awakenings’ Series by Angelica Chase

4 ‘GOLD’ Stars!


I had no idea that Angelica Chase was a pen name of one of my favorite authors this year (Kate Stewart) so when I discovered it, I instantly bought this! If you have read anything by Kate before, you know her sexy scenes are off-the-charts, well Angelica takes it to the next level! This is BDSM themed and holy crap, was it hot!

“Everything you have at home, throw it out. No books, no toys, no other partners. I become everything you need sexually. No exceptions.”

“Eyes on mine,” he commanded, “those fucking gasps belong to me, and you give them to me when I give them to you.”

The Sexual Awakenings series is the love story between Violet and Rhys and I assure you it’s a roller coaster! Full of sexual tension, super-hot and kinky scenes, suspense and twists: this series got better and better with every volume! I have to say, my least favorite was the first one (I did not get Violet’s behavior at the beginning..) but as I said, it got better and better. The last two volumes are amazing, you all know I love when feelings get in the mix!

Rhys didn’t just have the right set of skills, he was the right man.

I started out her master, but I had already become her slave.

So yeah, I rated the volumes with 3, 4, and two 4.5 ratings (since there are four of them) and my total one is 4 STARS for the whole Sexual Awakenings series. I definitely enjoyed the new side of this author that I love so much! This was definitely rougher than anything I read before by Kate, it belongs to the Erotica and BDSM genre but it was a great read! Be sure to check this out if you enjoy that, guys!


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